PGA Tour Announces Another Rain of Millions to Contain Golf Saudi

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Jay Monahan and the PGA Tour They continue with their intense apostolate campaign with the aim that the members of the American circuit turn a deaf ear to the temptations that come from Golf Arabia in the form of money. In this battle for world golf there is not much imagination. The promises of tons of millions that come from the petrodollars are answered in the same way in the headquarters of Sawgrass. This is what Monahan himself has made known to golfers in a letter sent this Monday and revealed by Golfweek. Money, money and more money.

The rain of millions of concrete in two fundamental ideas. Only in bonuses the PGA Tour will increase its prizes from 60 to 75 million dollars in 2022. The other basic idea and, surely, the most important is that 55 percent of the income generated by the PGA Tour in 2022 will go to stop directly into the pockets of the players, whether in the form of prizes, bonuses or retirement plans. In this way, as explained in the Monahan letter this year, 55 percent of the income of the American circuit (838 million dollars of 1,522 billion) will end up in the accounts of the golfers.

This is the response to one of the main criticisms that the PGA Tour players had put on the table regarding their management in recent years. Own Phil Mickelson I had put his first and last name on a podcast just a few days ago. Golfers considered it disproportionate that only 26 percent of the income received from the PGA Tour ended up in the hands of the players.

In this way, this concern is resolved and another rain of millions is prepared that is specified as follows:

– The FedEx Cup champion will go on to receive 18 million dollars instead of the 15 currently stipulated.

– The Player Impact Program, a development created by the PGA Tour to identify the ten most popular golfers each year, will go on to distribute $ 50 million instead of $ 40 million now.

– The money destined for the Comcast Business Tour Top 10that is, the top ten players from the regular season before the playoffs. From distributing ten million dollars it will go to twenty.

– The bonus is created ‘Play 15’, for which all those players who play a minimum of 15 tournaments will receive an extra $ 50,000. In Roman Paladino this means that there will be a fixed for playing the PGA Tour.

– The two FedEx Cup playoffs before the final, the FedEx St Jude Invitational and the BMW Championship, will increase their prize pool from $ 11.5 million to $ 15 million.

– The Genesis Invitational, Arnold Palmer Invitational y Memorial Tournament they will also raise their prize pool from 10.5 to 12 million.

– The WGC Match Play it also grows from 10.5 to 12 million.

– It is also recalled that the THE PLAYERS Championship It will have the highest prize pool of a tournament on the PGA Tour, beyond the FedEX Cup Final of course. It will be $ 20 million.

Money, money and more money to compete with Golf Saudi. Monahan emphasized in his letter that the next ten years of the PGA Tour are bright and that it is the circuit where the best players in the world should be to continue growing.

Remember that in the first days of January the PGA Tour will have to give an official response to the players who have requested permission to play in the Saudi International from Arabia, a tournament that now belongs to the Asian Tour and where golfers receive very important fixed rates just for the fact of playing. It is not yet known what the answer will be and, above all, what the answer may be. It is not very clear from a legal point of view that the PGA Tour can prohibit its members from playing a tournament.

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PGA Tour Announces Another Rain of Millions to Contain Golf Saudi

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