Operational return: Juan Martín Del Potro announced that he will return to the Argentina Open | If his knee allows it, the Tandilense will play in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro

Juan Martin del Potro this Thursday put a pause again in the usual gait of the tennis world, as every time reappears publicly. The ball stopped and this time the bomb generated an unexpected explosion.

The Tandilense announced that he will return to the circuit in no less than Argentina: will play, from February 5 to 13, the Argentina Open, the ATP 250 of the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, already the following week will perform at the ATP 500 in Rio de Janeiro, the largest tournament of the South American brick dust tour.

“I continue to train with everything, I have better days than others but always with the hope of returning to the field at the beginning of next year. It would be very special to return to Buenos Aires and then also play in Rio. I work with enthusiasm and effort as you know so that we can see each other here. In the coming weeks I will tell you how I evolve “, published the Argentine on his social networks. The Argentina Open, which usually makes its official launch in the first days of December, waited for a signal from Delpo and will present the 2022 edition next Monday in a renowned hotel in the city.

Last September, during an exhibition with John McEnroe at the US Open, Del Potro had hinted that he would like to play in his country again. “In Argentina I played very little; there are alternatives that touch the emotional side and I’m going to go there, “he said that time in New York. Today He seems to have left behind the quarrels and the crosses that antagonized him with Martín Jaite, the historic director of the Argentina Open., with whom he was estranged while his captaincy in the Davis Cup lasted. Del Potro’s goal that Page / 12 had anticipated is already a reality.

The former world number three played six times officially in national territory and in matches of the major circuit. One of them was in the own ATP of Buenos Aires, in 2006, when he was barely 17 years old: received an invitation and lost in the first round to Spanish Juan Carlos Ferrero in three sets. The other five corresponded to Davis Cup series: two in 2008, against Russia and Spain; one in 2011, against Kazakhstan; and two in 2012, against Croatia and the Czech Republic. It has been nine years, indeed, since Del Potro played for the last time a game for the points in Argentina: it was on Friday, September 14, 2012, precisely in that 3-2 defeat against the Czechs at Parque Roca.

Why will Del Potro also play in Rio, the ATP 500 of the region, the following week in Buenos Aires? The tandilense is represented today by the international company IMG, owner of the Brazilian tournament, which also has as director Luiz Procopio Carvalho, also from the company, who the press even handled the player himself more than a decade ago, before his breakthrough into the elite.

The fourth and “final” operation on the battered right knee took place nine months ago, in Chicago and at the hands of tucuman Jorge Chahla, an orthopedic surgeon specialized in complex knee and hip injuries. The original injury occurred in october 2018, in Shanghai, when Del Potro fractured his right kneecap after a fall. He returned to the circuit after conservative treatment with Jorge Batista, Boca’s doctor, but suffered at Queen’s 2019. Since then faced four surgeries: in June 2019 he operated it Ángel Ruiz Cotorro, Rafael Nadal’s doctor, in Barcelona; in january of last year he did Lee Kaplan, in Miami; in August the manager was Roland Biedert, Roger Federer’s henchman, in Bern; and in March of this year he returned to the operating room with Chahla.

Is the Davis Cup an option?

On March 4 and 5, Argentina will host the Czech Republic in one of the twelve series corresponding to the Davis Cup Qualifiers -qualifying round-, whose winners will achieve the direct pass to the Finals of 2022. The series against the Czechs will score Guillermo Coria’s debut as captain and probably also at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club.

The great goal that Coria was raised in the prologue of his captaincy is to achieve the return of one’s own Del Potro, who has not played in the Davis Cup since the historic final in Croatia, under the leadership of Daniel Orsanic. The key is that the series will be a few days after the reappearance in Buenos Aires and in Rio, on the same surface and on premises. For now Coria already witnessed some of the training sessions of the Tandilense this week at the Argentinian Tennis Club and organized a barbecue in which all the summoned players were present, with Delpo included.

“Juan Martín is our reference and he is the person we need to play again for his personal good and for the good of tennis. As a captain who does not want to have a reference like him. Play or not play, having him on the team is very important because the injection that he gives you by the public and for everything that his figure generates “, said the captain in an exclusive interview with Página / 12.

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Operational return: Juan Martín Del Potro announced that he will return to the Argentina Open | If his knee allows it, the Tandilense will play in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro

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