Nothing and nobody will be able to dirty Federer

It is clear that for both Roger and Rafael, their respective defeats at Wimbledon and Roland Garros are somewhat more harrowing than in any other setting. And, hence the tone of the Swiss at the press conference that followed the match against the Pole Hubert Hurkacz, who not only eliminated him from the British Grand Slam but also did so with a resounding result.

When asked by journalists if that had been his last match on the grass in London, Federer did not clear up the unknowns. He expressed his need to value and think, and I think he did well. Those of us in the world of tennis already sensed that, not only because of the 40 years that the Swiss will turn on August 8, but above all because of the insufficient preparation he has been able to do in the last year after his long injury. , it would be difficult for him to face a tough opponent.

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I believe that he, as well as Novak and Rafael, will decide to retire the day they feel they have no chance of victory. And when Roger decides that that day has come, hopefully he will do so by saying goodbye one by one and, at least, of the four Grand Slams. Both he and his millions of followers deserve another meeting in which they can dedicate the ovation and tribute to him for all that he has meant for our sport. Nobody like him has been able to combine a plasticity and elegance in his hitting the ball, and in his movements on the court, with an efficiency and brilliance difficult to match.

For all this and much more, Federer has transcended his own discipline. He is a sports icon, not just tennis, who has known how to extrapolate what he represents on the court, off it.

On several occasions, I have heard the argument that the great stars of the sport should retire while they are still able to maintain a high position so as not to tarnish their good reputation. I do not agree with this statement, since I have never been left with the image of a great champion at the time of his decline. And to those who do, at the very least, their mistake must be pointed out.

After a brief review of yesterday’s press, I pick up the following headlines: “Hurkacz puts a rosco Federer “,” Federer expelled from the temple of tennis “,” Federer breaks into three sets “,” Hurkacz threw the king of the turf out of his kingdom “. Of course, I no longer read any of the texts.

I watched the game at my nephew’s Academy in Manacor, along with a group of children who are doing their Summer Camp. Among them was a Swiss boy of about 13 years old who, nervous, could not see the directions that the last set was taking. He begged Roger to play a game because he could not conceive of seeing his idol concede 6-0, nor could he conceive of his defeat at Wimbledon as a preamble to a career that will naturally come to an end in time. When the game was over, the boy began to cry. I told him not to give it importance, to forget about that result, in the same way that everyone was going to forget it in a very short time. Such a fact can only be merely anecdotal in the brilliant career of one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Regardless of the end of Roger Federer’s tennis career, nothing and no one will be able to taint the prestige that the great Swiss tennis player has given to the history of tennis. I wish you, of course, one more time with all of us and, above all, a tour farewell so that the fans of the big tournaments can show him, once again, their great affection and admiration.

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Nothing and nobody will be able to dirty Federer

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