Mutiny in Desam: its members renounce Kona and opt for the national short circuit in 2022 – Planeta Triathlon

When Fernando Barahona de Andrés founded the Desam triathlon section, now two years ago, his intention was “take twenty age group boys to Kona“.

Imbued with the spirit of Every man Jack, an American club with more than 50 qualified for the IRONMAN World Championship in 2019, Ferdy began to recruit athletes for his project.

After individually sponsoring Victor Arroyo already Judith Corachán -the Catalan still continues to wear her logo on the trimone- in the professional circuit, she focused on sponsoring age groups: David Corredor, Álvaro Basagoiti or Rocío Rodríguez have been some of the names that little by little have been swelling the ranks of the Desam until completing a total of seventeen athletes.

Unfortunately, it seems that Ferdy’s dream of the blue and white of Desam to shine in Kailua Bay will have to wait: all his athletes in full have given up the long distance and to start the IRONMAN World Championship next October, the one held in Kona.

I’m tired of the long run“, recognizes Rocío Rodríguez, current Champion of Spain in age groups in long distance.”This coming year I will return to the Planeta Triathlon Training Camp and at most I will do one or two IRONKids“.

Raúl de la Torre, her husband and training partner, also renounces the 226 kilometers: “I want to focus on sprint distance, where I know I’m still competitive“.

Rafael de la Fuente, the oldest of the team and Vice President of the team, sees the decision as a relief: “I was fed up with IRONMANhe says.Ferdy put my head like a hype that I went to Mallorca this year, I didn’t feel like it but to satisfy him I had to go“.

That’s how it went“, remember, “that as soon as I found him at km 15 of the marathon cheering me up like a madman, I decided that I was going to the apartment“.

Next year, the Madrid Popular Triathlon and period“concludes the veteran triathlete, who completed his first long distance in 2015.

Barcelona Triathlon by Santander, the new objective

If there is a popular and charismatic event on the national circuit, that is the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander, which is also usually held a week before the IRONMAN World Championship.

As Raúl de la Torre himself indicates, it will be the objective test that all team members score. “We are excited to join in a test in which many people make their debut in triathlon and in which the level of demand It is very much in line with our way of understanding this sport“.

No news from Ferdy

At the moment, Fernando Barahona de Andrés himself has not made any statement regarding the uprising of his people.

Everything indicates that it will not be until after the birth of his first child, in a few weeks, when he can dedicate real time to assuming that his original idea of ​​making a strong team in the long run will have to wait at least a season.

It is still a stick for a team that, founded fifteen years ago as a sports institution, looked to 2022 with a long-distance spirit.

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Mutiny in Desam: its members renounce Kona and opt for the national short circuit in 2022 – Planeta Triathlon

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