Mike Reasor: when signing the worst round in golf hides the greatest feat in history

It was on April 27, 1974. The Tallahassee Open, in Florida (USA), but no one could predict that that day was going to be golf history in capital letters thanks to a proper name: Mike Reasor. The North American golfer, who came to be in the world ‘top ten’, had signed a couple of good days to get past the tournament cut … but then, his debacle arrived. Or rather, an accident resulted in his name being remembered forever.

Mike Reasor was never a top-notch golfer, but he was an outstanding player who used to do well in every tournament he participated in. Back then, to be able to play a tournament Not only was it necessary to pass the previous cut, but the four days had to be played in full, which forced golfers to play the entire championship. That’s what Reasor did in Tallahassee … but after suffering a serious problem.

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Reasor had passed the tournament cut in the two previous days, complying with the par, but in the final two days not only did he sink, but he did the worst lap ever remembered, with a card of +93 (+51 and +42) that has never been equaled again. But, how a player who had managed to do things well in the previous one had suffered a debacle never seen before? Your horse has the answer to the mystery of this strange situation.

As we said, I had made the cut with relative ease and, to celebrate, he decided to go give a ride with your horse. Everything was going well when, suddenly, a small rodent crossed his path: the equine got scared and, in the movement, caught Reasor off guard, who hit the ground with his body. The blow was so hard that it caused significant physical damage: multiple fractured ribs, a knee sprain, and left shoulder dislocation.

Those injuries, especially those to his arm, resulted in Reasor being really limited when it came to hitting the ball. The simplest thing would have been not to play due to the serious damage suffered, but he knew better than anyone that, given his sporting level, needed to participate in as many tournaments as possible to keep increasing your level and your income. For that reason, he was ‘forced’ to play in Florida in order to be in the Byron Nelson Classic in Dallas.

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But it did really diminish, to the point that he could only hit the ball with one arm and always with the 5 iron, the only stick that allowed him to do most of the tour with as little pain as possible. He hit with his right hand, while his left arm kept it close to his body to minimize the damage: this strange style of play – forced by the circumstances – and the feat of what he was doing, caused that was the center of attention of the tournament.

In fact, almost the entire audience focused on following each of Reasor’s strokes in the two laps he made, above any other participant in the tournament, even from Allen Miller, ultimately winner of the Tallahassee Open. The worst round in golf history actually hides one of the greatest feats in sports history: Mike Reasor showed that the will always can with everything. Although, you know what? Despite his feat, injuries prevented him from playing for Byron Nelson.

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Mike Reasor: when signing the worst round in golf hides the greatest feat in history

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