Medicine for the Volkswagen Golf: the compact launches a multimedia system to improve usability

It has been almost two years since the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf reached the market, so it was his turn to release news. Although, at least for the moment, these are carried out exclusively by a new infotainment system, more advanced and faster and with improvements in terms of functionality.

And it is that in its latest installment, the Volkswagen Golf practically dispenses with physical controls, because its functions are essentially managed from the screen. Thus, the settings are aimed at improving its use, with more advanced voice control, among others. Volkswagen claims that customer requests for improvements have been met.

Thus, the Golf will begin to be sold in the coming weeks already with this new technology, what is understood will also be noticed in the price. Be that as it may, Volkswagen seeks to improve its compact, which has been losing sales momentum in favor of SUVs: right now it is its fifth best-selling car, behind the T-Roc, T-Cross and Tiguan, but also its little brother, the Polo.

Faster, with improvements to the virtual assistant and haptic buttons

New multimedia system of the Volkswagen Golf 2022

The new infotainment system of the Volkswagen Golf is the already known MIB3, but that it has been revised both at the software and hardware level. In this way, it is optimized to offer a improved performance of programs and functions.

To do this, it first has a more powerful system on chip (SoC), which is combined with a quad-core CPU, a new graphics card (which triples its performance) and a digital signal processor for audio. This new chip claims according to Volkswagen to offer a computing power improved by 25%.

These benefits translate into a faster software response: for example the results in the browser are shown in less than five seconds, being much faster than the current one.

Interior Volkswagen Golf 8

On the other hand, it has also improved virtual assistant, which is activated with the voice command “Hello Volkswagen” and is capable of understanding natural language commands like “I’m cold” or “Where can I find a Japanese restaurant in Madrid?”.

The novelty is the new digital microphones, that now allow to identify who is speaking, either the driver or the passenger. In such a way that if, for example, it is the co-pilot who mentions that he wants to raise or lower the temperature, he will only adjust the climate control in his area.

But in addition, the brand maintains that the responses of this virtual assistant are faster: it takes less than five tenths of a second to process a request and the answer comes in less than a second. Which applies whether the source is online (cloud) or when it operates offline.

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Finally, the use of the touch screen has also been optimized: when finger approaches one of the capacitive buttons direct access (volume, temperature etc.), the rest crashes. All to prevent others from being activated. In addition, infrared proximity sensors allow gesture control from several centimeters away.

This improved system will be included in any of the Golf family models, either the conventional one (which has gasoline and diesel options including mild-hybrid versions) such as the Golf GTI and Golf R sports cars.

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Medicine for the Volkswagen Golf: the compact launches a multimedia system to improve usability

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