Mariano Puig; the legend of roller hockey

—I am from Independiente de Avellaneda because of my old man and my brother.

“A club?”

—Neuquén, it was my house and I ended up there and it was where I played the most.


“A court?”

—The Aldo Cantoni, the World Cup stadium.

—¿Un DT?

—Oscar Legarreta.

-A match?

—First final now against Recreativo in the Clausura. I already knew what I was leaving, my colleagues did not, my family did. That game was special. Emotions of all kinds.

“What is the secret to playing until 46?”

“There is no secret.” It is training, sacrifice, discipline and I had a separate teacher who just coincided with the PF of the club. He always insisted on me. “Give it, you can” and so on. I have played with boys who were not born and I had already been a first-rate champion. And the support of my family, my wife and my children.



“A partner with whom you shared a dressing room?”

—Matías Nephew. We came together from Atlético Echagüe Club and he ended up directing me now.

“What was the goal you screamed the most?”

—The one I screamed the most was in the first game of the final against Recreativo. My family was there and I dedicated them to them.

“What would you have liked to be if you hadn’t been what you are?”

“I wouldn’t have changed it.” When the pandemic started I started cycling and we already have an armed group.

—What is your Top Five of Argentine athletes?

—Messi, Ginobili, Bochini, I saw him play, Pancho Velázque the best in hockey and Diego.

“And three from the world?”

—Beto Borragán, champion with the Spanish National Team, Pancho Velázquez and Messi.

“What is the best thing for you?”

“The medium and long-range shooting.”

—What was your first salary, viaticum or changa?

—Working in a phone billing studio and spent it at a music center.

“What do you like to do in your free moments?”

“Riding a bike, it’s my ground wire.” Rural crossings.

“What are you afraid of?”

“To illnesses.”

“What things do they get out of you?”

—To have the same things repeated to me 20 times.

“What things make you laugh?”

—The roasts with friends and my daughter Valentina.

“What was your worst purchase?”

“Headphones that I thought were original and they weren’t working.”

-A meal?

-Schnitzel with fries.

-A drink?

—Santa Fe beer.

-A dessert?


-What music do you listen to?

—Variado, Abel Pintos, Los Palmeras, Ángeles Azules and from outside U2 that I went to see him in 2006 in River

“A band or soloist?”

“The Fabulous Cadillacs.”

“Movie or series?”

—I have three movies: Coco, Waiting for the Float, and A Place Called Notting Hills. And series I like sports.

-A trip?

—With the Selection from Entre Ríos to Chapadmalal, there I met the sea. The hockey elite of Entre Ríos and a barbarian group. The San Juan people coming and going and we with the towel for the sea.

-A place to live?


“What place would you like to see?”


“A place or neighborhood in Paraná?”

-The park.

-A city?

—I really like the town of Concepción del Uruguay. Every time I go to compete it seems like a beautiful city to live in. I would like to live there in the future.

-A man?

“My old man, Hugo.”

-A woman?

“My mom, Luci.”


– Who would you like to put a pipe to say oleeee?

—I don’t like to spare, but once we played a championship at Recreativo and a team from San Juan came. I threw a pipe at a sanjuanino and yelled oleee at him and I went to a wedding and they ended up grabbing the pineapples.

“Who do you get a red from?”

—To me when he took me out on the court. Especially the latest.

“What shirt could you never wear?”

“The one from Germany.”


—How many WhatsApp groups do you have and which is the best of all?

——Five or six and the best one is the one I have with my hockey friends called Asado and Partiduli.

“Who would you like to follow on Instagram?”

—Messi can be.

“Who would you like to take a selfie with and where?”

“I would like to have a photo with my four grandparents.” They already have them with me. And if I have to choose a place that is my home. It’s what I would like the most. A photo with the grandparents.

– Why are you so loved in the environment?

“For following the advice of my parents.” Of trying to be a good person and comply with the rules of the sport. Maintain the same behavior on and off the court. You cannot be friends with everyone, but you can be respected

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Mariano Puig; the legend of roller hockey

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