Lina Tejeiro published a preview of the role that forced her to learn ‘pole dance’

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In a sensual red dress, the actress Lina Tejeiro revealed a sneak peek of her latest work in a national production. This work is very important for the llanera considering that It is the first time he has starred in a story for the big screen.

For several months, the actress had shared with her followers on social networks that she was working on a Dago García film. In fact, many of the users of social networks remember the time when the woman was recording this tape because It coincided with her pole dance classes, at which time the famous woman was very active sharing her routines.

Finally, this week a little of the story that Tejeiro will star was known, since she had already revealed that her character is called ‘Carolina’ and she is a stripper, which is why llanera had to learn in record time to function like a fish in water with pole dances, since her character is an expert.

The film already has a release date and that is why Tejeiro published a video in which more is known about the film, ‘A rabón with a heart’, the new film by Dago García Producciones.

In the published preview, ‘Carolina Rico’ is seen in a red dress explaining the reasons why she was involved in a love story with a man very hated by his neighbors.

The explanation of the tape is that the professional dancer, faced with financial need, agrees to fall in love with ‘Cheo Martínez’, a resident of a group that is detested by all his neighbors, so much so that they are willing to pay a good sum of money to the stripper so that after catching him with her charms, she convinces him to go live somewhere else.

The film will premiere on January 27 in theaters of the country. This was the preview published by the actress and Dago García Producciones:

In some of the sections you can see the work that the woman did as a pole dance dancer, classes she took in record time to perform choreographies that are actually performed by nightclub dancers.

In the comments of said publication The more than 8 million followers of Lina Tejeiro applaud that the talent of the actress, who has worked in this profession from a very young age, is already succeeding on the big screen with a leading role.

“It looks brutal !!! … And with that super actress”; “Oh nooo I want to see her hahahaha she looks great”; “The conquest of the man is the best part. So or more intense? Hahaha ”, wrote some users of the social network.

Previously Tejeiro had already spoken about this character in a recent interview for the portal We are waiting for a movie that I starred in, written and produced by Dago García, my first leading man, I think it’s a very nice story, He was a character who challenged me a lot and for whom, as a result of that challenge, I will shine more on the screen and above all because it is cinema, then it will be a big screen. It fills my heart to know that I starred in a movie, that It is a very beautiful story, in which I had to challenge myself to the point of learning pole dance”, He commented.

Currently, the 30-year-old actress is one of the most recognized celebrities in the country, especially remembered for her participation in ‘Padres e Hijos’ and ‘La Ley del Corazón’. In the same way, she appears on national television as one of the ‘investigators’ of the program ‘Who is the Mask?’ of the RCN Channel.


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Lina Tejeiro published a preview of the role that forced her to learn ‘pole dance’

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