Lapso Studios, the ‘indoor cycling’ revolution to pedal at full speed in Barcelona

a new concept of fitness has landed in Barcelona to become the alternative to monotonous conventional training. Is about Lapso Studios, a center that aims to offer a “complete” experience to clients to train simultaneously “body, mind and soul”. His philosophy extols the need for “take time“on a day-to-day basis, so it tries to provide the maximum facilities to make it possible.

Lapso is based on a sporting modality consolidated in cities such as New York or London: the indoor cycling. Although most gyms have gymnasiums spinning, is startup has opted for a new concept in the city where the “sacrifice” of training becomes a moment of leisure and disconnection. In this equation could not miss the song, the great protagonist of the sessions. From 12 songs of different styles –according to the coach–, a ride from 45 minutes that goes far beyond pedaling on a stationary bike.


Training sessions start and end with puntuality so that it can be adapted to the daily routine of the users. They are directed classes based on a playlist that each coach chooses according to their musical tastes. In them, they play with the aim of generating a Connection among all members of the class to convey the feeling of “exceeding the same cadence“.

According Eugenia Llopart, CEO and co-founder of Lapse, the music regulates the intensity training and the environment is configured through the illumination and the volume, that each coach adjust to your liking for an elusive experience. Another differential characteristic is that the coaches are not experts in fitnessbut they have their own profession and give a daily class.

As an example, Llopart relates that in New York –Where this sport was born– a renowned professor of Harvard I gave classes in this modality of indoor cycling and customers came mainly to hear his motivational speech in each session.

Eugenia Llopart, CEO and co-founder of Lapso Studios / CEDIDA


And it is that motivational speeches are one of the bases of Lapso and one of the pillars of the coaching. To an activity that combines bike, dance, strength, endurance and upper torso exercises with dumbbells is added to the reflection.

In fact, on song number 11 –moment eleven song– the key point is reached that makes the difference and gives meaning to everything. “Is he plus of the session “, explains Llopart. At that moment, the lights go out completely to build a moment in which working the mind is the main objective.


It is a high intensity training in a short time in which users can work the whole body at the same time and burn up to 700 kilocalories s. The classes are the same for all the public, so each client can be adapted according to their abilities and preferences. The connection with the songs is the key to “transform” the session and generate adrenalin while customers pedal at full speed.

Each coach has a different musical style, although the styles that are heard the most in Lapso are the Latin genres like the reggaeton, electronic music and others topics commercials that top all the charts.

Setting of Lapso Studios / CEDIDA
Setting of Lapso Studios / CEDIDA


The center, located at number 606 on Avenida Diagonal, is characterized by offering “a complete and focused on detail“to their clients. There they have everything they need to start and finish the training with the maximum facilities.

Users only have to arrive at Lapso with a good dose of energy and there they will have shoes –with cleats to carry out the session with their feet fixed on the pedals–, towels and a shower (with amenities). Everything to make “escape to train” an option adjusted to all routines at any time of the day.

Locker room and showers at Lapso Studios / CEDIDA
Locker room and showers at Lapso Studios / CEDIDA


“Lapso is a place to be,” says Llopart, so he could not miss the gastronomic experience. Healthy, of course. Therefore, from the hand of Enlagloria -the salad house which has two establishments in the Catalan capital–, they have spaces where one can have breakfast and eat healthy before or after the session.

Among its offer are from salads of all kinds to seasonal dishes, all of them made with local foods that define its three pillars: quality, proximity and balance. In addition, they also sell sportswear with Girlfriend collective, a brand that is committed to sustainability, quality and community.

Two menu examples from the 'Salad House' Enlagloria / ENLAGLORIA
Two menu examples from the ‘Salad House’ Enlagloria / ENLAGLORIA


Lapso landed in the Catalan capital in September, and to date has had a “very good reception“In general, the majority profile is women between 25 and 40 years and, surprisingly, weekends are the most popular days to cycle in Lapso.

According to Llopart, the current location is the ideal one to adapt to the target audience. In addition, a key attraction that fits with their philosophy is that they do not work on a monthly basis, but on a passes. The price is 19 euros for a ride and have different packs up to 40 training sessions.


For the CEO, the study comes at the right time because “there is a market trend to leave large gyms behind.” According to him, there is a saturation of the supply and many people “do not know where to start.” Therefore, the new study is perfect to offer planning and an experience structured from start to finish: Lapse is “choose by the customer” with a complete value proposition.

Eugenia Llopart, who is considered one hard-user of the modality for years – when I lived in Mexico-, he plans to extend his philosophy of success that is already rolling around the world. He is not worried about the competition, but sees it as a “incentive“for the activity. In the future, it wants to have a presence in more areas of Barcelona and, later, growing up in Spain and southern Europe.

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Lapso Studios, the ‘indoor cycling’ revolution to pedal at full speed in Barcelona

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