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If there is one figure that stands out above the rest in the season that ended just two days ago, it is Kristian Blummenfelt.

Despite the fact that COVID still limits the celebration of events and our day to day, with tests that are postponed or suspended, the Norwegian has been able to shine with his own light in each and every one of the competitions in which he has started. .

In addition, a characteristic point that we have endorsed throughout the past 2021 is the eagerness that it shows to mark an era: the norwegian wants it all.

It is not enough for him to set himself up as the figure to beat at close range: despite his age – he will turn 28 in February -, goes further and wants to become a benchmark in medium and long distance, and be able to reconcile the three disciplines successfully.

2021 unstoppable

One would have to go back to 1989, when Mark Allen won the IRONMAN World Championship and the Nice World Championship to find a season like Kristian Blummenfelt’s:

Olympic gold at the Tokyo Games, victory in the Grand Final of the World Series and the Triathlon World Championship have been his great successes in close range.

On average is the only mole of the season, since in the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship he finished in position 26 after a mechanical failure. despite this, in his record entered Clash Daytona, the last big test of the season.

In long distance he gave up competing in Frankfurt after the gift of IRONMAN, delaying his debut for a few months.

It was finally in November, and in style: with the responsibility of emulating the presentation in society of Gustav Iden, Blummenfelt gave an exhibition in Cozumel, where made history by pulverizing Jan Frodeno’s record. The final time was 7:21:12, and thank goodness it was raining.

Foto: World Triathlon

What 2022 holds

Looking at the course of this year, 2022 can serve to endorse that we are facing the future and undisputed dominator of triathlon at the international level.

He already announced that this coming year would be long distance intensive: “With St. George in May, a few weeks later we have the U-7, and two or three months later we have Hawaii, so there’s a lot of time to recover “ has recently commented.

The Norwegian does not see it as impossible, “it is a matter of doing the training well and going to the altitude and finding the balance. I think the key is not to injure yourself“he added.

The secret of success

If there is something that the Norwegian does not lack, it is the ethics of work and ambition

“I dreamed of winning the Olympic Games and the World Championships and Hawaii and also the 70.3 World Championships in one year, before COVID arrived,” the Norwegian commented to the writing of triathlon magazine.

And it is clear that the winning mentality Kristian’s is something to note. Once a test is finished, you are already thinking about the next one, without having to celebrate.

“Go to race itself is my party. I don’t like having the after-race party. I look forward to the race and when I have destroyed it, I just want to keep going. I love running and I love acting, “Kristian explained.

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Kristian Blummenfelt wants it all in 2022 – Planet Triathlon

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