Kitesurfing, supercross, beach hockey and more: the sports activities that will make Pinamar vibrate

In Pinamar there are a variety of sports activities to practice or appreciate (Diego Medina)

After a summer period in which the restrictions in the framework of the pandemic modified, limited or directly canceled several sports activities in Pinamar, this summer classic events will return to the coastal city and others will be released.

The 2022 season agenda features proposals for all tastes: from light practices to start to start the body to others aimed at maintaining the exercise routine in different settings, surrounded by nature.

What’s more, there will be professional skills, ideal for those who just prefer to put themselves in the role of spectators and observe some action and vertigo. Next, Infobae shows you different options that are offered to travelers.


For the fourth consecutive year, on January 8, the DWS Leave, defined by the organization as “the largest event in the country as far as kitesurfing is concerned, in which the main attraction is a 12-kilometer regatta that begins in Costa Smeralda and ends at the Main Stage located in the Kota Beach resort, at the beginning of the city’s northern border ”.

Fermín Besteiro, surfer and promoter of the initiative, highlights that the DWS Kite’s vision is to “generate a unique visual spectacle, coloring the sky with 85 kite sails”. In addition, “it is sustainable and environmentally responsible, declared of municipal interest and does not discriminate gender, age or level.”

The regatta starts at 2:00 p.m. and, taking advantage of the force of the wind and the waves in favor of the trajectory, the participants will sail along the entire coastal belt of Pinar del Río to the starting line of the spas. Registration is done through the website that can be found on social media (@dwskite).

On January 8 there will be a kitesurf regatta
On January 8 there will be a kitesurf regatta


On the first weekend of the year, fans of pedestrian tests will be able to participate in the traditional Desert marathon, which was carried out uninterruptedly from 2001 until last summer, when the health situation prevented it.

In its 21st edition, the race takes place in the dunes of Pinamar Norte. There are two distances: 10K competitive and 5K participatory. It will run in format non stop, which implies autonomy for each corridor between the checkpoints. The start is scheduled for 8 on Sunday 2 in Poseidon and the sea. The places to participate are limited and the registration time is until December 31st. Those interested may do so at a stand located at Av. Bunge and De las Toninas.

In dialogue with Infobae, Pablo Sosa, organizer of the Desert Marathon, offered some advice for those who wish to run a pedestrian test in the sand for the first time: “I recommend that you run with the shoes that you train every day and that the foot does not slip, that they do not force when running and that they increase the cadence (increase the number of steps). This logically will make it take longer: the one-hour runner on the street, the desert marathon completes it in an hour and a half ”. He also pointed out that the terrain makes recovery difficult, “but the second time it comes out much better.”

Running will be present again with several competitions and free trainings
Running will be present again with several competitions and free trainings

On Saturday, January 22, there will be another running competition, with the particularity that it will take place at night. The 10K Night Pinamar It will depart at 8.30 pm from avenues Bunge and De los Pioneros (same end point).

The routes, also 10K and 5K, will take runners to immerse themselves in the forest of the city. Registration is also paid and Each participant will be given a T-shirt with logos with reflective material and a mining headlight that will help them move in the dark.

In addition, the Runners Fox Pinamar beach running club will hold an open and free trail running training, also at night, and two circuits of 20 and 10K that cross beaches, dunes, trails and the local forest.


In this case, it is not a competition open to the public, but rather the Argentine Supercross Championship 2022, which will be named the Monster Energy Supercross Champs Series and will bring together the best local drivers alongside riders foreign.

It will be the first night supercross championship to be held in Pinamar, a place with great history for motocross and sports off road in the country, since 1992 being the cradle of Summer Enduro, one of the most important competitions in the world.

There are three dates in total: Saturdays 15, 22 and 29. On each day there will be free practices and timed runs, and the qualifying and final series will start from 20.30 at the Casino Park complex, located at kilometer 398 of Route 11, in Valeria del Mar. There, fans will also be able to enjoy other experiences: there will be a showroom of industry brands, food stalls and DJs.

Several inns offer different activities (Diego Medina)
Several inns offer different activities (Diego Medina)

Beach hockey

The synthetic grass of the traditional modality gives way to sand as a surface. It will take place at the “La Escondida” hostel, located on Bartolomé Miter and Av. Our Malvinas, in the town of Ostende, where adapted surfing, spinning, rugby and tennis activities are also carried out, among others.


Between Thursdays and Sundays, Avenida del Mar y de los Acacias will be the meeting point for various activities, such as walks, functional training, recreational boxing, Latin rhythm classes, beach volleyball and beach cestoball tournaments.

Apart from these activities, for tourists there are others always available every summer, such as trekking, paddle surfing, cycling or sandboarding, which consists of surfing the coastal dunes. Also paragliding and parachuting, which are practiced at the extreme points of the game in the areas of the high dunes and intermeadows with freshwater mirrors. Golf, polo and tennis have excellent conditions on their playing fields.

“We are very fortunate that every year more organizers of sporting events choose us as host city not only during the summer but also the rest of the year”, valued the Secretary of Tourism and Economic Development of Pinamar, Juan Ibarguren.


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Kitesurfing, supercross, beach hockey and more: the sports activities that will make Pinamar vibrate

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