Just Dance 2022-Review

Admittedly, the Just Dance series has managed to maintain its popularity for over 10 years. Even when other similar titles with Guitar Hero or Rock Band have perished, the musical saga of Ubisoft has managed to stay current throughout several generations.

The above is undoubtedly due to the concept of the game that makes it extremely popular: the possibility of taking your best steps either alone or with family and friends, make it an essential title for coexistence.What news does the 2022 edition bring?

NOTE: The title was reviewed from the Nintendo Switch version

The party starts

True to what the saga represents, from the moment you get to the main menu, you find yourself in a disco atmosphere: the best music, bright colors and all the ideal atmosphere to prepare you to take your best steps.

The game has three game modes, the main campaign where we will have to overcome different dances with many difficulties, the quick game mode, where we will be assigned a random song to play and finally the children’s one, where the little ones do not follow a pattern as such and should only move for fun.

The mechanics are practically the same as in previous titles, we must imitate the steps we see on the screen through movements with our Joy-Con or by synchronizing a smartphone.

The title has about 40 songs to polish the track and it must be said, whether you are a novice or an expert in this type of game, there is a degree of demand, because after playing three or four songs in a row you will begin to feel tired although not it is necessarily bad because it achieves its goal of being a delivery that makes us do physical activity.

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A visual delight

As for the graphic section, it must be admitted that it is surprising, the models of the instructors, the backgrounds with bright colors and full of life that are also varied in each song are a visual delight, even to have played them on Switch it looks quite good.

In addition, each track has a color palette that semiotically transmits to us the theme of the song, for example in some Reggetón songs, the colors are tropical and refer us to the party, while Believer transmits a more rock and freedom sensation to us. a dynamic red background.

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Courtesy Ubisoft

Very careful control precision

A title like Just Dance, due to its nature of movement, could not afford to fail in its main function, which is to get hits from the movement and we must say that it is very good and precise.

At the time of playing it, you realize that even if you have come very close to the perfection of the step, if you did not do exactly what the instructor told you, you will not be able to have the perfect score, so you must, yes or yes, give the maximum if you want be the best on the track.

Perhaps the only problem in terms of controls is that everything is registered by hand, because although you play seated, if you manage to do the movements as the game asks you will get the perfect score, something that takes away a bit of immersion to the game. affair.

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Courtesy Ubisoft

An obligatory title to play with the family

It is not uncommon for this type of game to come out shortly before the December family gatherings, because although playing it alone will give you a few hours of fun, the possibility of dancing with family or friends gives it a great bonus that will surely keep us entertained for a long time. weather.

But precisely that familiar character is its biggest problem, because if you play alone, probably after a few hours of play you will lose interest quickly or in the best of cases, if you are a fan of the saga, unlock much of the secret content.

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In conclusion, Just Dance 2022 is a very good dance title, its 40 varied themes give us a wide range of rhythms, artists and even song languages, but playing solitaire could quickly become a somewhat boring experience.

The ideal in Just Dance 2022 is to play it with friends and family to guarantee hours of entertainment and fun. Don’t worry if you have two left feet, the important thing here is to have fun.

To polish the track!

Just Dance 2022 is a good title that fulfills its mission: to give us many possibilities of fun in the company of friends and family. The musical repertoire is so varied as are the steps that nothing feels recycled. It is an essential game for fans of the saga and for those looking for a fun way to live with friends.

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Just Dance 2022-Review

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