Just Dance 2022 review

If there’s one thing Christmas has, it’s the ability to bring people together at home. We have been two winters now that this ability does not look so tangible given the Coronavirus, but I think we all have one thing clear: Christmas is for playing with the family. And without a doubt, there is an undisputed King in our room for more than 13 years, and that is: Just Dance.

Ubisoft has managed to create a perfect franchise for everyone: to play with friends, to play with the family, to play alone, to exercise, for children, for adults and for those of us who believe that we are not quite old yet.

Obviously, this year 2021 was not going to end without having Just Dance 2022 in our living room, a game that increasingly fills us with more content, accessibility improvements, more varied songs and amazing animations.

To move the skeleton!

Technical section

Those who have ever played Just Dance and its franchise already know exactly what it looks like. Animations of one or more dancers, where the different colors (always present) make it very colorful, with increasingly crazy characters (this year we incarnate a Santa Claus elf in one of the new songs) and a very similar aesthetic. But the reality is that the Ubisoft team in charge of the game’s development has wanted to go a step further, and we will find spectacular animations in the new songs, we highlight in particular BOOMBAYAH! de Blackpink, whose staging is to be astonished looking at what they have created.

The whole universe that Just Dance has created is amazing and without a doubt, the staging already makes it recognizable in the market. Obviously, the technical section looks obvious: music is the most essential part of the game and we will not have time to enjoy each of the songs.


Just Dance 2022 does not introduce huge new features, but it does provide small details that the community is always grateful to see. The exposure of the dance steps has been far behind in a somewhat crude line where sometimes they did not intuit what we should do and that it was wrong to look at the dancer, without being able to predict what pose we are now playing. The cutting of the line and the exposure of a performance area of ​​the step, make it much more accessible for those (like me, as you may have already guessed) who are not so used to giving their all in the ballroom.

There are forty new songs that are in Just Dance 2022, with an important variety and which highlights the great importance that has been given to K-Pop, the Korean pop that is so booming, with songs from both Boy Groups (who if They already have some experience within the Just Dance franchise) as well as Girl Groups (who have taken a bit more prominence in the saga for several years). We also have instant classics like Good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo, Eurovision talent with Think About Things from Iceland’s representatives in 2020, Daði Freyr, and even songs by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and many other well-known artists.

But the fun doesn’t end with dancing to the 40 songs, the modo Sweat It is one of the most successful of these years, which is a way that they have continued to bet on this time. A game mode where it tells us how long the song lasts, how much is left and how many approximate calories we have burned during it. Then, the game accumulates those statistics in your open session and as you dance to others, accumulate your time played today and how many calories you have burned during the day. A mode that already leaves out the festive nature for which we take Just Dance into account.

How could it be otherwise, there is also customization, and as we dance, we do the steps well, we add points and more points, and we reach higher categories, because cosmetics are blocked, it is a kind of machine , where we can get avatars, profile photos, titles or even songs in more hardcore modes.

As for the command, many of you already know, the franchise already has several titles without it and we only need a Wi-Fi connection to our mobile through its application and voila!


Just Dance is inexhaustible, it has no end. And even less if we take a step forward in the subscription that Just Dance provides, the so-called Unlimited. A subscription (apart from the game) that allows us to have access to all the songs in the Just Dance franchise: the classic Rasputin from Just Dance 2 will always be in our rooms.

It is the perfect game to always have at home and you know that you are going to have a good time until you want to take a break from so much dancing.


Just Dance and its franchise never fail. There will always be songs that someone with whom they are liked, the number of titles and different styles make it accessible to all types of public and you can also organize a Disney party for your children in your living room with dances of the mythical songs, such as a K-Pop dance competition at the highest level with the original choreographies of Korean pop groups.

Do we need more news? We are not going to deny that yes, the franchise needs to be revitalized although it is not yet in the moment of needing it to survive, but many of the fans miss that it is not so continuous. But this is not bad: what we know is that Just Dance works and this version of 2022 is no less.

Enjoy dancing!

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Just Dance 2022 review

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