Julián Muñoz acts as a “great grandmother” with his granddaughter Vega: golf afternoon while his daughter recovers from cancer

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Julian Muñoz (74 years old) is going through difficult times after it was confirmed that the daughter he has in common with Maite Zaldivar (65), Elia Isabel (40), suffers from cancer. The former mayor of Marbella has completely devoted himself to his granddaughter, Vega, the daughter of Elia, that while his mother recovers from the disease, he professes all kinds of care for her. So much so, that this Tuesday afternoon he could be seen at the Golf School, where he goes every week for the girl to learn this sport.

In the images to which THE SPANISH has had exclusive access, Julian Muñoz He appeared enthusiastic about his granddaughter, taking pictures of her with his mobile and teaching her how to put her shoulders when throwing the ball and handling the clubs. He, at the moment, has not made any statements about his daughter’s illness, despite the fact that this newspaper has tried to contact him on several occasions and, politely, he has declined to speak.

Julián Muñoz is very devoted to his granddaughter Vega.

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If he did Maite Zaldivar, arguing that “right now I need a miracle from heaven in my life. Everything else does not matter to me. It’s something that drives my heart, it’s something that happens to me and it’s the worst thing that has happened to me in my life. I ask you to pray for me, to send me your best energies so that it turns out well for me. “

For its part, Julián Muñoz has decided to keep silent about this issue to discuss this issue in privacy. The announcement of her daughter’s illness coincides with her docuseries and the person she has not hesitated to talk about is from Isabel Pantoja (65).

The former mayor has chosen to follow in the footsteps of Rocio Carrasco (43) to tell his truth about the relationship he had with the singer. It’s not time for revenge, it’s time for truth is the title of this installment, which will be broadcast next Friday, January 14, on Telecinco and which has already managed to create a strong reaction in Isabel Pantoja.

The singer, apparently, is going through a bad personal moment also with one of her children, although for other reasons: Kiko Rivera (37) still does not want to have any contact with her.

Vega and his swing golf

Julian Muñoz He has already forgotten those bad times when his daughter Elia and he stopped talking. Father and daughter were without speaking to each other for more than six years, but they settled their differences when he apologized to her and his sister, Eloísa.

Elia became a spokesperson and he was in charge of specifying that until Isabel Pantoja He did not appear in the life of his family, “my parents’ marriage was not very broken before all this. I am the one who was inside my house living it and my father and mother were a happy marriage, the family was not broken, there were plans for the future. Unfortunately this person got in the way and things went wrong. “

Julián Muñoz corrects the posture of his granddaughter's shoulders while golfing.

Julián Muñoz corrects the posture of his granddaughter’s shoulders while golfing.

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At times during this period, she pointed out the following in the media: “I don’t talk to my father“. After the breakup of Julián Muñoz and Isabel Pantoja, the things were smoothed and thus numerous snapshots of father and daughter are immortalized when the ex-mayor left jail. Now all that is forgotten. And latent is the great union they have and the coexistence of granddaughter and grandfather, who go to golf classes in the happiest. The closest environment to the one who was mayor of Marbella, agrees that “Julián Muñoz is a great grandmother” In all rules.

He has been seen in different images picking up and taking his granddaughters to school and going out for a walk with them. Vega She is the only daughter born in her daughter’s marriage. Maite Zaldívar also takes care of her these days. Julián’s ex acts as a grandmother, taking care of her and giving her all her loveEven this Christmas I took her to see Santa Claus while Elia went to her medical treatments and was cured of this fatal disease.

Julián presented this Tuesday afternoon an immaculate facade, with a very good appearance and with more weight than on other occasions. Not only Telecinco disputes it, as he has learned THE SPANISH, even the very Jordi Évole (47) has them knocked on the door for an interview. So far, no results.

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Julián Muñoz acts as a “great grandmother” with his granddaughter Vega: golf afternoon while his daughter recovers from cancer

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