Indurain: “The young Spaniards? We are putting a little pressure on them “

Miguel Indurain He was the protagonist a few weeks ago of the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander, where he served as an ambassador for the brand in a relay race that he carried out with Eva Moral and Javier Gómez Noya. There he reviewed how his day to day is today and showed his opinion on the moment of form of Spanish cycling and world cycling.

A few weeks ago he played the relay test of the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander. What does your role as an ambassador for sport mean to you?

After a season out of work, people have not competed very much. It’s nice to do it again and see people compete with friends, see families who come to play sports. It is good to do some exercise to get in shape.

Fit to storm the sixth Tour? How do you live cycling today?

Of course not (laughs). The years of competition are over. Now I do marches to enjoy the bike. Sometimes you get a bit itchy, but we are no longer here to compete, but to have fun.

What readings do you take from races like that triathlon that you shared with Javier Gómez Noya and Eva Moral?

This year we did the inclusive triathlon. It’s a bit more complicated, especially when changing from water to bike. But we put in the desire, they gave us means and it turned out very well. The good thing is being able to enjoy our sport. It was a beautiful experience. You see people who are strong, others who enjoy the city. It’s nice to see those different visions.

You do many races to promote sports and for charitable causes. At these levels of competition, has the stoppage also been noticed after the pandemic?

Yes. We have had two years in which only cycling and professional sports have been done, but the popular thing stopped a lot. I have continued doing sports on my own, but there were few events like this, of competition. It is good to see that, when they return, people respond to the fullest. Marathons have also started and people want to see what shape he is in.

“There are still some who remember my years of competition. Above all, older people”

So many years after your retirement, do you still feel the affection of the people?

Yes. The ‘boom’ of those years has passed. Now they have more followers Javi or Eva, who are in full competition, but there are still some who remember those years. Above all, older people (laughs).

Do you follow cycling from outside, as a fan?

Yes, I had to follow him from the outside, because going to the competition now means that you can’t get close, because of the ‘bubbles’, and you have to see everything from afar. In the end you follow him through the media and on TV. So these two years I have followed him from outside.

What has changed the most in cycling from your time until now?

I don’t think much has changed. The only thing is that there is more technology, as in any sport, more information on how to run, on how to run, manage efforts. Then, yes, new ports are coming out, but the classic ones are maintained, so not much has changed either. Bikes and limitations change, but in racing, you either pedal or there is nothing to do.

“Good kids are coming, but winning in the world top of any sport is very expensive and very difficult”

Do you think that the coming relay in Spanish cycling will allow you to fight for the same successes as the Freire, Valverde or Contador?

Good kids are coming, in the top10 or top20 of great races. What happens is that we all want to win and doing that in the world top of any sport is very expensive and very difficult. But there are kids who are progressing and it remains to be seen if they will win races. If not, nothing happens either. People from the outside ask to win, but from the inside we know how difficult it is to have a good competition. If you give everything you have, it is to be satisfied.

Young people like Juan Ayuso or Carlos Rodríguez are beginning to gain strength. Can they make that leap at an absolute level?

We’re putting a little pressure on them. We see that Valverde’s retirement is close and we want people to come out at full speed. The competition is very difficult. You have to learn how to run and each category is different. But the kids are good. They have quality and they have to continue with the progression they have been up to now.

Who do you see to dominate the coming years internationally?

There is no clear dominator. There are very good kids and each one dominates their careers in their time. Of the generation of recent years, I like Van Avermaet because he disputes everything. The Tour, time trial, classics … Then here we have Valverde, who is still at a good level but he is not the one in recent times. Then those who come from behind. First the Izagirre, Landa or Mas, but also people like Soler, Ayuso … But now we are in a change of generation and it is being noticed internationally.

How do you see the Pogacar, Van Aert …? Why do you win at younger ages?

Young people come, brave, strong, who move in all disciplines, although some move more in classics and others in other disciplines. Cycling has specialized more in types of race and that still means that there is not a clear dominator, but there are several in each type of race. Young kids, as happens in all sports, start earlier now and get performance earlier. Technology, having more information, the fact that they take care of themselves in a different way … These are things that help it to be exploited sooner.

“Pogacar has quality and a warm heart. If you win two Tours, you are the man to watch out for”

Will Pogacar be the great dominator of the next few years? What makes you win?

He is a brave boy who is at a good level all year round. He was winning at the beginning of the year and has ended up winning too. It has quality and a warm heart. He attacks from afar, he goes well against the clock … He has known, above all on the Tour, to save falls and difficult situations. The rivals are going to make it difficult for them. If you win one Tour it may be a surprise, but if you win two, you are already the man to watch out for.

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Indurain: “The young Spaniards? We are putting a little pressure on them ”

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