How To Get Started In Golf – What You Need To Know

Would you like to play golf but have never dared due to ignorance? It is a sport that, like everyone else, requires training and practice. Although we tend to consider it as a sport for people with high purchasing power, the truth is that anyone can learn and play, since the key is in the interest to start golf.

Playing golf has health benefits, as it is a sport that helps cultivate the mind and body. It is a sports practice with a relatively low impact on the physical, but which requires extensive preparation in every way. Y,how to start golf? Find out how to play golf, what is necessary to start practicing it and more tips about this sport by reading this oneHOWTO article.

What do you need to start playing golf?

To get started in golf, it is necessary that you know some rules of golf for beginners and the basic material that you need to practice this sport. It is a game that requires different clubs, ten irons and four woods, each of which has a different objective. Depending on the material, different distances can be reached, so each club is used for one objective.

The basic equipment to start playing golf is as follows:

  • Woods: they are the long distance clubs, since maximum power is achieved in the launch. They are used for long shots, such as the first start (tee). It requires time to learn how to use them, since they are the most complicated to handle.
  • Irons– Recommended for medium-distance shots with absolute control. It is advisable to use them in extremely difficult contexts such as tall grass areas.
  • Wedges: they are the clubs used for short distances. When you are near the green, try to use them. You must also handle them to get the ball out when it falls into sand traps, called bunkers.
  • Hybrids: they are the easiest to use. They are light and manageable, helping to improve the experience compared to the previous ones.
  • Putter: it is the club used for the final blows, also considered as ‘star blows’. This stick is used to push the ball onto the green. It is the one with the most varieties and models.

For the first golf lessons, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you rent or borrow a golf club. You can even buy a second-hand one, so you don’t commit to investing in a new club before testing your hobby, abilities, and skills in the sport.

Too you will need comfortable clothes to practice golf. Thus, you can perform movements with ease. Gloves and golf shoes are a must. Find out about the characteristics of the club or field you are going to attend, since in some cases they require more specific clothing. Check out this other article on How to Dress for Golf.

What you should know before you start playing golf

Many people believe that golf is difficult. While it requires some technique and learning, you can master the basics of the sport in no time. You just have to be interested in learning to play. And how long does it take to learn to play golf? It is difficult to establish a time, because it depends on the abilities of each player. But nevertheless, it usually takes between one and two months to learn.

To speed up this process as much as possible, at OneHOWTO we give you the following tips on how to get started in golf:

  • Interest and desireWithout these two factors, it is a utopia to start in golf. As in any other sport, motivation is essential. With special golf gloves and basic equipment, it is enough to start handling the clubs.
  • Initiation courses: in almost all golf courses you can hire the services of professionals dedicated to teaching introductory courses to this sport. It is the best method to learn to choose the clubs in each stroke, the handling and its execution.
  • Handicap: this is the game system that indicates the number of extra strokes that each player makes on the par on the field during the round. That is, the number of strokes that one player has an advantage over another on the field.
  • Exam: Your coach or instructor will be in charge of taking you to a golf course to play a few holes. It will be the moment when you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge of the rules of the game.
  • Federation: If you pass the exam, the Federation will send you a card to identify yourself as a federated player. This card will allow you to compete on the golf courses. Being federated, you must pay an annual fee that includes medical insurance in case you suffer any damage or cause it to someone while playing.
  • Improve your handicap: buy the golf clubs and practice as much as possible to meet your handicap. You can rent the equipment, but with your own clubs you will have a better handling of the material. In this video we tell you how to choose golf clubs.
  • Championships– When you feel ready, you can compete in different championships throughout the year. When you participate in one, the Federation will set your handicap according to your results.

Another key to getting started in golf is posture. The effectiveness of golf depends on it. Learn about the correct position in golf by watching this oneHOWTO video.

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How To Get Started In Golf – What You Need To Know

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