He is 15 years old, loves hockey and does not give up hope of being adopted

Astor does not lose hope. On January 6 he will turn 16 and from the age of 9 he passed through different homes in the province of Buenos Aires. But nevertheless, his deepest longing remains intact: to form a family through adoption.

Today he is in high school. He is a student who asks for help whenever he needs it and loves to play hockey, his favorite sport. Also, enjoy going out with friends on Saturday afternoons, when they usually go to the park with the ball. “Doesn’t look like a teenager his age: everyone in the household He says he is super focused, calm, collaborative, very open to chatting and that he makes himself loved wherever he goes”Says Adriana, who is a social worker for the court that is handling her case. Add that he likes to draw and he does it very well.

Astor’s adoptability status has been in place for three years, but the searches were still unsuccessful: in the records of foster care applicants across the country, no candidates were found to adopt him. Why? The figures speak for themselves: according to the data published this month by the National Directorate of the Single Registry of Aspiring Guardians for Adoption Purposes (Dnrua), there are currently 2,620 files of people and couples registered to adopt in the country. Of these, 89% are willing to sponsor children up to two years old, while only 0.04% are girls and boys over 15: that is, of the more than 2000 applications, only one is open to that possibility.

For this reason, the Family Court No. 2 of San Martín launched a public call for all those individuals or couples who feel that they can take on the enormous responsibility of becoming the family that Astor hopes for. The call is also for those who wish to be affective references, tutors or similar figures of care.

Adriana says that, before the protection measure was taken to separate Astor and his younger sisters from their family of origin, the children spent a lot of time alone in the house, and he was responsible for the care tasks. “As he could and in the way he could, he was the protector of his sisters. That marked him a lot, because he tends to be very protective “, says the social worker.

As he got older, the possibility of finding a family became more complex for the boy. “She came home with three younger sisters and a year and a half ago two of them started a foster care for adoption with a family,” explains Adriana. He explains that the first strategy was to find a family for the four of them: “As that was not possible, there was no other option but to think of different families that could assume the obligation to maintain the bond between the siblings. We had the illusion that they would arrive simultaneously and it did not happen”. Because, Astor is still waiting.

In the home where the adolescent is currently, another of his sisters also lives, who is also looking for a family: as in his case the search within the federal network of applicants for foster care has not been exhausted, not yet It is in public call.

Regarding the family they are looking for Astor, Adriana emphasizes that it could be a single parent or made up of a couple. “The important thing is that he can continue to bond with his sisters, who live in the suburbs,” he concludes.

If you think you are the family that Astor needs, you can call the Central Registry of Aspiring Guardians for adoption purposes at 0221-4224926 or write to [email protected] The reference number of the call is: 22663. It is also possible to write to the court :[email protected]

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He is 15 years old, loves hockey and does not give up hope of being adopted

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