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Eva Castro, account manager of GT bicycles Iberia has been linked to the brand for years, both from a professional perspective and from her facet as a recognized and award-winning athlete. (PHOTO: Kike Abelleira).

(11-16-2021). Eva Castro makes a positive assessment of her first 320 days as account manager of the GT Bicycles brand, under the orbit of Cycling Sports Group. In the absence of a month and a half to conclude this 2021, the recognized and award-winning cyclist would have covered the objectives of this exercise in terms of the number of customer retailers who were scheduled from the company.

“It has not been an easy year. We are working in a very complicated scenario due to supply problems. It could almost be said that during this 2021 we have learned what we would have learned in three years under conventional conditions ”. This is how Eva Castro speaks when asked about how she values ​​her nearly a year of work with the GT Bicycles brand, since, from Cycling Sports Group, she was entrusted with the mission of acting as account manager of the brand for the Spanish and Andorran markets and Portuguese.

The executive, who today reports to the sales director of Cycling Sports Group Iberia, Angel Cuenca, and who was already linked to GT as a commercial agent in the area when the brand was distributed by Macario Llorente, points out without euphoria that “we can be satisfied with the results obtained so far, because, in a less complex scenario like the one we have faced, we would have exceeded the objectives set at the beginning of the year ”. And it is that the established objectives, at the beginning of this 2021, were located in the consolidation of a client portfolio of between 40 and 45 operators between the three mentioned markets. To date, Eva Castro has managed to count 40 with more than 50 offline stores, to which, as announced, at the beginning of the imminent 2022 another five will be added; three of them, in Portugal; another one, in Andorra and one, in Oviedo.


Another objective was for this portfolio to be made up of operators of recognized projection and notoriety in the Iberian cycling retail and, according to Castro, “although some relevant brands-labels are still missing, this 2021 we have managed to incorporate operators such as Mammoth, Bikestocks or Probike., among others”.

The objective of Ciclyng Sports Group (owner, in turn, of Cannondale) in this new stage that it has faced with GT Bicycles, succeeding Macario Llorente, is “to reposition the brand and add retailers willing to bet decisively on it,” according to Castro explains.

The salesperson acknowledges that “like all bicycle brands, at GT Bicycles we have also suffered supply problems that have prevented us from satisfying the demands of our customers to the extent that we would have wished.”

This has led, as recognized by the executive, “seeing limited our options to get more additions to our client portfolio.”

In any case, Eva Castro stressed that “we have preferred to be cautious in this regard in order to avoid bad experiences for our clients in a scenario in which, especially in the first half of 2021, the scenario was highly marked by a great imbalance between demand and supply ”.

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GT Bicycles Iberia reaches goals in its first year under Cycling Sports Group – CMD Sport

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