Golf Raises Climate Change Consciousness: From Rory McIlroy’s Promise to Abbie Richards Theory

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The golf and the climate change They have had a tense relationship since 2020. It is a sport very close to nature, but one that also has many critics for the care taken by the fields in which it is played. This is why some activists have campaigned against this ancient modality as any other. For its part, sports have created foundations to show that they think about the environment. A separate case is that of Rory McIlroy and his peculiar commitment.

Awareness about climate problems is a constant that has been established in the world of sport after criticism has focused especially on those who have the possibility of having a private plane as is the case of the winner of four ‘major’ . McIlroy admitted this week that the environmental “guilt” he feels for traversing the world of golf on private jets has led him to spend tens of thousands of pounds to offset his carbon footprint.

its Bombardier Challenger 605 It is not the only private plane in the PGA. Arnold Palmer have a Citation X, The mythical Jack Nicklaus owns a Gulfstream III, the historical Tiger Woods owns a Gulfstream V, the same as Rickie Fowler… Even Sergio garcia owns a Hawker 4000. The high prizes that are achieved in this sport lead golfers to aspire to buy one of these jewels to be able to reach all the tournaments they want.

This is not new, but neither are the criticisms of Abbie Richards. This 24-year-old comedian hates golf. The environmental science graduate believes that “it is not a sport”, that it is “elitist” and that this activity is “a waste”. It does it through the social network TikTok, where it has become a benchmark since the pandemic after starting to make this content raising its protests against the sport of green and the putt. These two controversies come together.

McIlroy’s fault

After traveling from your home in Florida until Dubai to dispute the DP World Tour Championship, they asked him at a press conference about whether the issue of sustainability bothers him. McIlroy said the problem first came to consciousness after winning in Shanghai Two years ago: “I flew back home and it was just me on the plane. This huge feeling of guilt came over me, just because this can’t be good.”

McIlroy now pays additional fees, which are around 130,000 euros a year, to offset its carbon footprint. You are aware that your money does not solve climate change. “I would not declare myself an ecological warrior,” he claims speaking about this issue and shields his decision that “I am someone who does not want to harm the environment.” The option to travel on commercial flights does not seem in his head: “In addition to what I pay to fly privately, I pay a little more to make sure I am carbon neutral at the end of the year.”

Rory McIlroy, during the 2019 British Open

Niall Carson / PA Wire / Dpa

McIlroy also collaborates with the GEO Foundation. This association works “to help ensure that golf encourages nature, conserves natural resources, takes part in climate action and supports the strengthening of communities, as well as meets sustainable development goals and follows the commitment Net Zero“They are in charge of issuing the GEO certificates that are required for golf courses in which professional competition is made.

Abbie’s fight

The 24-year-old American describes the fields as “a terrible waste of space and the worst fake sport on the face of this planet.” In a recent interview at the BBC explains that “the construction phase of a golf course is extremely damaging to what existed before” and, above all, justifies the impact on the environment with the “more than two billion gallons of water used per day in the golf courses of USA“.

Richards used the campaign for the presidency of EE. UU. 2020 to make one of his most popular videos: “When I am president, we will outlaw golf. All golf courses will become public parks, all country clubs will become low-income housing, we drink all the water that we would have used to irrigate golf courses and we drink it. We will be the best hydrated country on the planet, we all have beautiful skin and anyone caught playing golf gets eaten. “


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The GEO Foundation has participated in the last COP26 to defend the value of golf in conserving the environment, but these movements that are viralized on social networks put the sport on the ropes. Rory McIlroy’s stance is courageous in investing in trying to reverse its carbon footprint, but they are not accepted as a solution by activists. The confrontation may become more crude with the incipient growth of this modality in countries of middle East.

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Golf Raises Climate Change Consciousness: From Rory McIlroy’s Promise to Abbie Richards Theory

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