From hockey to soccer, the path of a coach

The task of the Lion to find a guarantee technician was not easy and obtaining the league title in the 2020 Guardians, elevated to Ignacio Ambriz. La Fiera’s bet was Ariel Holan, an award-winning coach in South America and with a game ideology that likes and matches that of his predecessor. The Argentine lives his first league with the emerald team with a 2-1 deficit against the Tigres in these semifinals.

I came here, where the team had been champions, so in all parts of the world, when taking a team, there are challenges and there is always pressure. The team is the protagonist, that responsibility falls to me. In the case of Ambriz, Last technical champion with León, with a possession team, it is my turn to deepen that intention and have a defined identity. I like the way in which this team proposes an offensive game and the only thing I tried to adjust is that for me, possession for possession in football is not important, and the effectiveness and the realization of those situations does “, it states.

The strategist who shone on the bench of Independiente de Avellaneda has as his flag the game of possession, accompanied by verticality.

The league is not unknown to Holan, which in South American competitions has experienced the same scheme, and is clear that a bad game tonight could ruin what was achieved in the regular tournament.

I am in a club with an identity that I share, because my teams play that way, and the only thing I have tried is that my team has possession, verticality and the ability to hurt rivals, in that direction we are going. I’m used to playing Libertadores and Sudamericana, it’s the same scenario and a bad game conditions the key and you go home. I am passionate about playing these challenges and in Mexico, I rescue that the last one can be champion, so it does not matter too much what has been done up to now. If you do not do what you do from the league, if we have regularity, we will have a chance to win, anything can happen and it is the great seasoning that the league has ”, he asserts.

The participation of Elijah Hernandez still in doubt.

Elías has a hamstring discomfort, and he is not training one hundred percent. It is something that worries us, because for us he is an important player, with a lot of experience, who has a goal, but three weeks ago he has come with this problem that in practice he has had discomfort, so medical evaluations will be carried out to see in what situation is found ”, he pointed out.

Field hockey has accompanied Ariel Holan for almost three decades.

The emerald coach led several teams, but without a doubt his time as Uruguay’s women’s coach, at the 2003 Pan-American Games, where he hung the bronze medal, is perhaps one of his most memorable periods.

That experience, he assures, served as a coach to adapt concepts to his then nascent career as a coach.

I dedicated more than 25 years of my life to hockey as a coach, that was one of the many teams that I trained and the truth is, I learned to be a coach through hockey. To be a rider you do not need to have been a horse, and the role of the trainer is a role that is very important to prepare to carry out emotional management, methodology and strategy. So I owe a large part of my training as a coach to hockey, “he says.

Actually, in South America, he who is not born with a ball and a shirt does not count. We play football from the cradle, it is our national sport, what happens when the least reach professionalism ”, he explained.

Two characters who marked the path of Holan from hockey to soccer. The first was Jorge Burruchaga. The second, Matías Almeyda.

In the case of Burruchaga, World champion in the World Cup in Mexico 86, he helped him in that transition by considering him in the coaching staff of Arsenal de Sarandí, Estudiantes de la Plata and Independiente.

They are two people (Burruchaga and Almeyda) who are very important to me, for whom I am extremely grateful and deeply affectionate, ”he says.

With Jorge (Burruchaga) I worked first as a video analyst, then I was a field assistant and in both roles I learned a lot. I worked with him for six years, but I wanted to direct and I started in the Argentinos Juniors youth team and I was very happy, because he left that club Maradona, Riquelme, Sorín, Redondo, Borghi and many Argentine national team players ”, he explains.

After six years of working with Burruchaga, Holan I was ready to continue climbing, and on that path appeared Matías Almeyda, the much remembered, and missed, coach of the Chivas.

At the time, Almeyda He took Holan as second coach to River Plate, in the National B, with the descent of the millionaire team in tow. The great opportunity came in Banfield, also as an assistant to Almeyda, to take over the coach of the basic forces. That opportunity opened the doors for him in Defense and Justice, the club that in 2015 gave him his first chance as a coach.

It was 2011 and I already wanted to start training, but Almeyda took charge of River Plate in the National B and I joined his coaching staff and I was also with him in Banfield. There (in Banfield), I started working as a reserve coach and after six months I started alone in Defense and Justice. That step, with both of them as his assistant, I enjoyed them, but I wanted to be a coach and the only thing that doesn’t come back is time ”.

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From hockey to soccer, the path of a coach

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