Facundo Campazzo, the “bandit” who confronted Stephen Curry and aroused the mockery of a local rapporteur

A trademark, the intensity as a flag and the rival reaction. He is not going to give up his style and nothing is going to make him change. Facundo Campazzo it is “unbearable” defensively and no ball is lost. In his first game as a starter of the season with Denver Nuggets and nothing less than before Golden State Warriors, the task of the Cordovan did not stand out so much for his steals and assists, in the 86-83 victory, but because he generated mocking comments from the rapporteurs of the official Warriors broadcast. “Soccer player”, they told him because of the way in which he protested to the referees the sanction of a foul.

Campazzo, who converted an important free throw for the victory and had very good defensive moments over Stephen Curry, was at the center of a controversy from the derogatory comment against him made by the match reporter on the Warriors’ broadcast in Los Angeles. U.S.

The Argentine played a ball with Andre Iguodala, they were hooked and the Cordovan point guard protested vehemently because they penalized him and not the Golden State forward, who seemed to have hooked him with one of his arms. When they reviewed the play on TV, the rapporteurs began to laugh at Campazzo’s claim and opened a talk about him: “What is the main sport in Argentina?”, Asked the rapporteur. His commentator, after hesitating, replied: “Soccer” (football). And I add: “He looks like a soccer player, he’s terrible”. And he closed: “That is clearly a fault; it’s incredible what he does ”.

The absence of Monte Morris opened the door for Campazzo to his first game as a starter in Denver this season. Malone explained why she decided for him: “Choosing Facu without Monte Morris was an easy decision; we needed him to defend Steph Curry like last season. ” And the Argentine, in the first defense in which he came face to face with the Warriors star, showed the ability with his fast hands and snatched the ball from him.

Curry made five of the 14 shots he took from the 3-point range, representing an efficiency of 36 percent. He crossed the historical barrier of 3000 triples (reached 3004), but could not enjoy it with a victory.

Campazzo closed a good scorecard with 5 points (1-2 in free practice, 2-4 in doubles and 0-1 in triples), 7 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 cover in almost 32 minutes.

Curry’s historic night could not be perfect because Nikola Jokic (22 points and 18 rebounds) was in charge of giving the Nuggets flight. Curry not only surpassed 3,000 3-pointers, but he matched his best consecutive game streak by scoring at least one three-point shot in 157 games. The other time he did it was from November 13, 2004 to November 3, 2016. The current streak began on December 1, 2018.

Gabriel Deck was relegated, but recent casualties in Oklahoma City Thunder Due to the health and safety protocols in the face of the coronavirus, they gave him a chance to add minutes again (8 players are isolated). In that way, he returned to the rotation in a 117-111 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

The man from Santiago was the player on the squad who spent the least time on the court: just over 10 minutes. However, he left good numbers: five points (1-1 in doubles and 1-1 in triples), two assists and a defensive rebound. He even converted on the buzzer and from the line of three at the end of the first quarter.

Deck’s last presentation had been on December 2, when he played 22 minutes in the historic 152-79 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, with the largest point difference (73) in NBA history. Before he had played five games and almost the same number of total minutes (23). In total, 45 minutes over 6 matches (with 13 accumulated points).

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Facundo Campazzo, the “bandit” who confronted Stephen Curry and aroused the mockery of a local rapporteur

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