Elections in the Chilean Federation of Hockey and Skating: they denounce irregularities of the “official” candidacy for almost 300 million pesos

A real scandal has taken the days leading up to the Board election in the Chilean Hockey and Skating Federation.

Regarding the process that will be carried out next Tuesday, December 28, there are a series of elements denounced by part of the opposition list regarding the current leaders.

In fact, the current president, Guillermo Mora, is running as treasurer Despite the statutes of the body, they prevent the option of reelection in a position after eight years in the board of directors “unless at least four years have elapsed since the end of his last term.” Provision that is thus found in the statutes of the body, a situation that is under review by the IND.

Nor does the present secretary and former president of the South American Hockey Confederation appear in the list of applicants, Armando Quintanilla, who is in Colombia without pretending to return after threatening to kill members of Chilean skateboarding.

To that is added that the candidate of “continuity” in the elections of the Chilean Federation of Hockey and Skating, Roberto Rodríguez, was dismissed and indicted of the municipality of San Miguel in 2012 for improperly authorizing work in the commune gym.

The economic troubles that “cloud” the elections of the Chilean Federation of Hockey and Skating

Apart from the above, ADN Deportes had access to documents that question the economic management of those who aim to stay in managerial work.

All motivated by the complaint made in August of this year by Roberto Oyola, coach of the “Marcianitas”, the Chilean women’s skate hockey team, regarding that they owed him 8 months’ salary.

This situation revealed a series of administrative inconveniences, since the National Institute of Sports does not release the monies as there are no state amounts rendered in a timely manner.

According to the information provided to ADN Deportes, the pending surrenders regarding projects not rendered reach a total of 286 million pesos.

Of that amount, 166 million pesos are calculated for salary and pension debts to federation officials. There is also near 25 million pesos not paid for the purchase of implements for the skates hockey teams and 95 million pesos for the realization of a skateboarding ride.

The problem is not only monetary, because in the latter case amounts were delivered for three events, of which only one was completed. There were also “inflated” money in quotes, since crooked that do not cost more than 30 thousand pesos in the market (in 2019) they tried to calculate at 53 thousand pesos.