Cricket won a great game against Los Cuervos and won the National Club Cup

Party night at the Charrúa Stadium. Night of rugby. Montevideo Cricket Club and The crows they defined the National Club Cup in the midst of a very good audience frame in a game that was left in the hands of the Dean, who won 27-23 and celebrated this conquest to close the season with a smile.

In the previous one, the two fans put a lot of color in the definition of the tournament that featured the eight best teams in the Uruguayan Rugby Championship: the six that played the Super URU and the first two of the Relocation.

The Rivera Park He also saw how the fans of both teams gathered on the outskirts first to cheer on their clubs without any problems or police guard who had to intervene enforcing the spirit of the rugby.

There were also no police officers on stage, where both fans shared the Bolivia Tribune without inconvenience because the objective was clear: to encourage their team and respect the rival.

With the game already underway, it was Cricket the one who hit first and strongest. A penalty from Juan Zuccarino at 11 ‘could put the team ahead of Fernando Ponte that then he was going to open the scoring with a try by Federico Cibils converted by Zuccarino at 15 ‘.

But the Dean’s production did not stop there. At 26 ‘Nicolás Bourdiel appeared to support another try that had the conversion of Zuccarino so that Cricket went 14-0 up.

Then came a timid reaction from Cuervos with a penalty from Sebastián Janssen at 30 ‘and the game went with a 14-3 advantage in favor of the Dean.

Diego Magno in action with Cricket in the final of the National Cup.  Photo: @RugbyClubesURU.
Diego Magno in action with Cricket in the final of the National Cup. Photo: @RugbyClubesURU.

In the complement came the reaction of the blacks. Janssen contributed another penalty at 42 ‘and four minutes later came the try by Juan Cruz Codesal with a conversion by Janssen so that the Uruguayan Golf Club were one point behind their rival: 14-13.

Cricket felt touched and immediately went to look for points to rival field and obtained them with a penalty from Zuccarino at 50 ‘to go 17-13 up. But there was more on Ravens’ side. At 58 ‘the try of Juan Manuel Pandolfi arrived so that the team of Alfredo Jury will come forward 18-17.

A spectacular match was coming to an end and the details were going to define the final. So it was. A tapping by Juan Zuccarino at the start of Cuervos allowed Cricket’s opening to take the ball and score a decisive try at 65 ‘with a conversion included for the Dean to go back up: 24-18.

At 79 ‘Zuccarino contributed three more points with a penalty and despite the fact that at the end of the match Cuervos did not lower his arms and reached the try thanks to captain Juan Pablo Ruffalini, he was not going to give him time for another comeback.

Cricket He was left with the victory by 23 to 23 in a real game, he won the title of champion of the National Club Cup and closed the 2021 season with a smile.

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Cricket won a great game against Los Cuervos and won the National Club Cup

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