Coria, the captain who wants to recover the Orsanic model and reestablish dialogue

In the last weeks, the “Magician” had an intense activity. He was confirmed at the beginning of October as the new national coach and since then he has not stopped. During the first days of Challenger of Buenos Aires met with the previous coaching staff, spoke with players and exchanged views with coaches.

Days ago, Coria organized a soccer game and a barbecue at the Buenos Aires Police Circle in which a score of players participated who are monitored by the Davis Cup team, plus their coaches and members of AAT Development. The star figure of the day was Juan Martin del Potro.

The tradition of bringing together tennis players feasible to be summoned in a day of camaraderie dates from the times of Daniel Orsanic as captain. “I would love to talk to him and Sebastián Gutiérrez (NdR: he was part of the coaching staff between 2015 and 2018), who is now with Sebastián Báez”, said the “Magician” to Ambit about the coach who obtained the Salad Bowl and with whom he had little relationship in recent years.

“Our idea is to be in contact with all the boys, who feel important, and also with their coaches. All united and going down the same line we are going to have a very good litter. My mission is to contribute as much as possible so that the next captain who comes has a solid base of 20 or 25 players ”, exposed Coria.

The profile of the former tennis player from Venado Tuerto – who will be accompanied by Martin Garcia as sub-captain – he is already in clear dissonance with the previous coaching staff, headed by Gaston Gaudio: constant dialogue with the players, presence and fieldwork. The status that the pandemic maintains will open or eliminate possibilities: “Next year I don’t know how it will be with the issue of travel and tournaments. The advantage that I have as a player and due to some results that I had is that I have some credentials without asking anyone for anything ”.

Coria had advanced to this medium that his formal start would be in December, a preseason moment for most tennis players. From the first days of the month, the former number 3 of the ATP ranking approached the players’ training sessions to talk about the project.

When will the debut of the new captain in the chair arrive? On March 4 and 5, Argentina will face the Czech Republic at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis for the Qualilfiers. There the national cast will seek to return to the Finals after three years. It will be the return of the “Magician” to the largest tennis team competition in the world after 16 years.

Between 2004 and 2005, the Roland Garros finalist 18 years ago played four Davis Cup matches, and only one was in the country (5-0 over, coincidentally, the Czech Republic, with his two singles won). “I was not given so much, it gives me a lot of anger to have played just one series at home. I had a shoulder tear, before the one in Spain (in 2003). We had great teams, good players and it never happened to me. Now I have to live it as a captain and make the most of what I was left with as a player “he mused.

Just over three years ago, Coria had a fleeting return to the national cast. In September 2018, after the sloppy dismissal of Orsanic, Gaudio, Guillermo Cañas and “Mago” were appointed as emergency captains for the series with Colombia in San Juan, although it was “Gato” who sat in the chair. “We were very well coordinated and organized, always on the same lines. The dialogue we had with each other was fundamental. These three years that have passed I have been watching and learning, informing myself ”, he recalled.

In his view, the fact that he was not the coach of a specific player (he was a trainer at his academy in Santa Fe) does not directly affect being a Davis Cup captain. “It also depends on how one communicates, how one sees tennis, the relationship and dialogue with the players”, he pointed, and believes that the key is in “Personality, dialogue and humility”.

An important part of the captain’s role is to show himself as supportive of whoever is on the pitch and to put aside the sensations of the player stage. “You have to know how to differentiate. One is a coach, and I don’t like to use myself as an example “, he remarked. In turn, he revealed that in San Juan “I shared my experience, successes and mistakes. I told the boys that they could take it or not. “

Many wonder what the Coria captain will be like, and the national coach himself was in charge of explaining it, with symptoms of his best times on the courts still present. “I’m obsessive about everything, but in a good way,” he argued with a laugh. “For everything to go well you have to have a lot of passion. This is the most important thing that has touched me since I retired. I have to look for the right words, encourage the boys “he commented.

The first mission of the Argentine captain will be to take the national team to the Finals of 2022. Coria once argued that a single Salad Bowl in the showcases was not enough for a tennis powerhouse like our country. Now you will have in your hands the possibility of fighting for another Davis Cup.

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Coria, the captain who wants to recover the Orsanic model and reestablish dialogue

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