Controversial elections in the Chilean Hockey and Skating Federation: they accuse irregularities in process

A scandal of proportions is currently being experienced in the elections to the board of directors of the Chilean Hockey and Skating Federation, due to a conflict between the “official list” and the “opposition list.

A mess of proportions is experienced in the run-up to the board of directors elections in the Chilean Hockey and Skating Federation.

In the first instance, the process was going to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, December 28. But the Tricel decided to change the date to January 14, 2022, based on the statutes of its Federation.

However, what generates noise in the “opposition list” is the candidacy of the current president of the Federation Guillermo Mora, who this time is running as treasurer on the “official list.”

The administrative problems in his current mandate lie in pending renderings regarding projects not rendered, for a total of 286 million pesos.

In addition, amounts were awarded for three events, of which only one was completed.

“The ethical thing should be not to run”

This was pointed out Jose Guzman, Outstanding former athlete (former skating world champion in 1999 and 2000) and current presidential candidate for the “opposition list”.

“We as a team believe that the ethical thing should be not to run, because under its current mandate the Federation is disabled for almost a year from being able to receive funds from the IND and the Ministry of Sports for projects that have not been declared, or money not returned for not having executed the projects, “he said in conversation with BioBioChile.

Asked if there is any formal claim from his list towards Guillermo Mora, the former athlete commented that they are making inquiries to decide whether or not they can object to his candidacy as treasurer.

“We have made inquiries with the Ministry of Sports and IND and we are awaiting their responses to see if their candidacy as treasurer can be objected or not … That is, the person who has left the Federation in more than 200 million pesos in debt , between projects not rendered and lawsuits due to non-payment of fees to people who were hired by the Federation, we believe that it is not acceptable for him to now present himself as treasurer ”, he declared.

Tricel vs Guillermo Mora

As reported by Tricel to our media, this is the first election to be held publicly, and it was managed due to pressure from some associations to make the process transparent.

For example, in 2017 there were elections, but they took place within four walls. The figure of the Tricel did not exist and it was not communicated to all associations.

The formation of the Electoral Commission and the measure of changing the date of the elections generated the conflict between Tricel and Guillermo Mora, who yesterday sent an email questioning their work.

According to the Commission, only the statute applied, Article 56, which says that the Federation has to call for the appointment of Tricel 45 days before the date set for the election. As the Federation set the elections for December 28, only on December 1 was the Tricel constituted. Therefore, the elections cannot be held tomorrow, December 28, but the January 14.

“The only thing we are doing is sticking to the law. We are applying the statutes of our own federation, which Mr. Mora approved in 2017 ”, they defended themselves.

“It is not a good sign that the president of the Federation sends a letter to the clubs putting pressure on Tricel”

Regarding this conflict, José Guzmán supported the Electoral Commission, clarifying that it is not a good sign that the president of the Federation sends an email criticizing the Tricel measure.

“It is important that the Tricel have the independence that is required for an electoral process… that there is no intervention from any person or institution. The Federation accuses that in January of next year the legal personality would be expired and projects could not be presented. However, even if they present projects, they cannot receive money because they are objected to receiving funds ”, he revealed.

In addition, he added that the Federation “had from September to date to have made the election, and leaves it for December 28, where there is no room to make any changes.”

“I agree with the Tricel, if they have taken the corresponding measures, they discussed it with organizations such as Servel to review how the election process will be. That makes it more transparent … it is not a good sign that the president of the Federation sends a letter to the clubs pressuring Tricel to address a position they want, “he declared.

BioBioChile Guillermo Mora was contacted, who limited himself to saying that “the elections will say what the associates want,” and preferred not to delve into complaints to “Do not expose situations for the press.”

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Controversial elections in the Chilean Hockey and Skating Federation: they accuse irregularities in process

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