Conoce a los wildcards de Red Bull Dance Your Style 2021

Sheopatra and Outrage will represent the United States

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Here are the Red Bull Dance Your Style 2021 wildcards.

Renat Izmailov, aka L’eto, has been dancing since 2007. He began attending hip-hop classes as the basis of his breaker career. He went to college following his parents’ wish but in the second year he decided that all he wanted to be was a professional dancer.

Dancing is the mirror of your soul.

In 2014 he reached the final of the Juste Debout, it was the first time that a hip-hop dancer had gone so far in that event. That opened the doors for L’eto and Russian hip-hop specialists.

At 30 years old, he is more interested in the emotional and creative side than in competition, but he declares that he is ready to demonstrate his skills in Red Bull Dance Your Style.

Meet Sheopatra

He began studying modern jazz and ballet in a classical company and learned with the renowned dancer Lil Buck.

The message that I want to launch with my dance and my art is that of absolute freedom.

After leaving Memphis (Tennessee), she settled in Los Angeles where, at the age of 31, she has been working as an artist and director for a decade.

Sheopatra and her partner, YoE, have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Tik Tok, through these platforms they not only promote dance but also help marginalized groups, in addition to fighting for racial justice.

“The message that I want to launch with my dance and my art is that of absolute freedom. I want the dancers to feel free and proud for being black. Let them move where their bodies take them. You have to create without compromise, ”says Sheopatra.

P-Lock has never been beaten in a one-on-one locking battle. This world champion has many victories: the Funkin’Stylez from Germany, the KOD from China and the Juste Debout. His secret is to train hard both physically and mentally: “A battle is like boxing, it is a war,” he says.

Among its role models, P-Lock names Don Campbell, the creator of the lock, and the duo Nicholas Brothers.

In addition to continuing to teach, he wants to promote the festival he organizes in Paris (Pay the Cost To Be the Boss) and create shows for his crew, The Funk Rockets.

It will be the first time that he takes part in Red Bull Dance Your Style, where he will go with the premise of having fun and feeling free.

When she was 20 years old, the Swiss Perla decided to focus on hip-hop and house. He has qualified seven times for the Juste Debout. In 2019 he won the Break Down the House at Red Bull BC One Camp Zurich. Now he will take part in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final.

Living in Geneva as a young man, it was difficult for him to find places to practice freestyle, but as he improved the hip-hop and house scene also grew. Perla was making a name for herself until the DBZ Fam crew asked her to join them.

His greatest achievement to date has been collaborating with Yves Saint Laurent, which has helped him win many fans around the world.

Born in Iraq and raised in Germany, Majid started dancing after watching his father practice Kurdish folk dances. At the age of nine, he and his sister were already attending hip-hop classes.

In 2008 he competed for the first time in the Juste Debout and continued to participate until he achieved victory in 2014.

It was never my goal to inspire people, win battles, or be famous. I have done it because I like it.

Majid has also made his first steps as an actor, in 2021 he was a bad guy in the German series Truth & Gangsters. He has also participated in FLY, a film about dance that is going to be released in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

“I am very grateful for everything. It was never my goal to inspire people, win battles, or be famous. I have done it because I like it. It is wonderful to know that there are people who follow me in the country where I was born and all over the world, ”he says.

Yumeki (23 years old) was born in Osaka, Japan. In 2009, at the age of eight, she went to New York City and got hooked on waacking. There she promised herself that one day she would be famous.

He is currently part of the Bad Queen crew and one of his greatest inspirations is the Gucchon popper. She loves listening to funk, disco, R ‘n’ B and songs from the 80s. She is very happy to be able to participate in Red Bull Dance Your Style because “the DJ can put songs from the charts!”.

She says that fashion influences her dance because her appearance motivates her to perform at her best.

Outrage was born in Kansas, United States, then lived in Germany and Washington DC before settling in California. When it comes to dancing, he draws inspiration from stars like Michael Jackson, James Brown, Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix.

In 2010 he won How The West Was Won, his first battle, which earned him a good prize money. When he finished high school at the age of 20, he was invited with all expenses paid to Japan to teach krump classes.

With my dance I want to show people how much there is in krump.

This will be the first time I have participated in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final. She is interested in fashion and photography and even has her own clothing brand @DeathbyStyle, specializing in hip-hop clothing.

“I want to give the world a different perspective on krump. With my dance I want to show people how much there is in krump ”, he explains.

“Thanks to TikTok and other platforms, more people are seeing what the future of krump could look like. I want to do everything in my power so that this movement comes to fruition ”.

“SBHUJWA comes from the French word ‘bourgeoisie’. It’s about dancing with energy and positivity. You can tell a story from the heart while people watch you. This dance combines elements of pop, hip-hop, etc. It’s my culture and my roots, the style I started with, ”says SB.

She danced in “Yemi In The Moon,” an African dance film, and performed at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

He will participate for the first time in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final, which for him means making his dream come true. SB is very happy to have the opportunity to represent his culture.

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