Combined events: “Pichi” Fariña won the Santa Ana Half Triathlon in his category

Combined events: “Pichi” Fariña won the Santa Ana Half Triathlon in his category

Combined events: “Pichi” Fariña won the Santa Ana Half Triathlon in his category

The legendary athlete of the city, Ricardo “Pichi” Fariña, did a great job in the 13th. edition of the Half Triathlon of Santa Ana, Federation, by taking first place in the 55-59 years category and finishing among the top eighty of the general Amateurs.

The test, which had the participation of more than 700 competitors, between the Elite and Amateur categories, was run next to the Salto Grande lake over the distance of 1,900 meters of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and 21.1 kilometers of running.

The event was attended by the best triathletes in the country, including the greatest exponent in the history of this sport, Oscar Galíndez, who finished third in the overall Elite, and representatives from Uruguay.

Regarding local athletes, Ricardo “Pichi” Fariña won the Men category 55-59 years old and finished in 80th place in the Amateur general classification, with a time of 4h55m39s, divided into 37m48s for the swimming section, 02h31m05s for the cycling circuit and 1h46m47s for the pedestrian part.

Pablo Berisso, born in Buenos Aires but living in a rural area of ​​the Department, finished 42nd overall and third in the 45-49 years category, with a record of 04h42m05s.

In relation to the rest of the Gualeguaychuenses, Pablo Glagovsky was ranked 154th overall and 22nd in 45-49 years with a mark of 05h17m36s; Franco Álvez placed 158th overall and seventh in 25-29 years with 05h18m04s.

Hernán Rivas was 160th in the global classification and 17th in 50-54 years (05h18m19s); Fabricio Ardaiz 215 ° and 56 ° in 40-44 years (05h33m50s); Pablo Frascarolli 255 ° and 11 ° in 55-59 years (05h50m50s); while Francisco Albónico 327th overall and 69th in 35-39 years (06h35m18s).

As for the ladies, Susana Weimberg finished 30th in the general classification and seventh in Women 40-44 years with a time of 5h57m50s; Noemí Fernández was 38th in the global classifier and 11th in 40-44 years with 06h12m09s; while Analía Aduco finished 55th and 12th in 45-49 years with a record of 07h51m14s.


The general Elite classification was won by the Olympic athlete, Luciano Taccone from Cordoba (03h52m13s), and Romina Palacio Balena from Haedense (04h22m34s), while the general Amateur had as winners Mauro Ferrando (04h10m59s) and Andrea Piñeyro (04h51m32s) ).

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Combined events: “Pichi” Fariña won the Santa Ana Half Triathlon in his category

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