‘Coaching’ by bike: go to the gym to eat the world

Looks like you’ve sneaked into a dance club: Halogen flashes are visible, a guy behind a mixing console and everyone walks in ready to get a good pedal. There are 44 bicis ‘indoor’ and a smiling platoon in tights. You will end up waving the towel in the air as if you were at a wedding. The normal thing when going to the ‘gym‘in times of covid.

“You are invincible! & Rdquor;Carlos suddenly promises you while you pedal. Nor that you had accidentally sneaked into a TED talk. “Nothing can beat you! & Rdquor ;. No, right now you wouldn’t even think of throwing in the towel: you need it every 30 seconds to wipe off the dripping sweat. “You’re going to get what you set your mind to & rdquor ;, insists the ‘coach’ cyclist. “You are made of other pasta & rdquor ;. You will end up applauding yourself with more motivation than the mayor of Vigo turning on the Christmas lights. Yes, from this gym one comes out wanting to eat both a paella and the world.

Motivational Spinning. It is the latest trend in studies of ‘cycling indoor’ from Barcelona: letting go of phrases like ‘coaching‘while they make you sweat more than when you see the electricity bill. Now he trains at the same time “body, mind and soul& rdquor ;. I mean, they motivate you more than Rocky climbing stairs. “I have come to hear: ‘This I have almost replaced by the psychologist’ & rdquor ;, assures Eugenia.

Eugenia Llopart, 29 years old, is co-founder of Lapso Studios (Diagonal, 606). It only opened two months ago. It is an ‘indoor’ cycling ’boutique’, although it would pass for a social club. There is a counter with ‘healthy’ food, tables, a garden, changing rooms that seem to have been ordered by Marie Kondo. People smile at you as if you’ve snuck into a ‘Friends’ episode. She has been going to the gym for years to have “experiences& rdquor ;. The new goal in tights? “Come have a good time,” says Eugenia. That is not a place where you feel judged or look in the mirror all the time & rdquor ;.

‘Coaches’ who are not dedicated to ‘spinning’

Eugenia is an economist, but soon she will also join in giving these cycling motivation sessions. None of his ‘coaches’ are dedicated to ‘spinning’. Carlos is a sales director for a multinational company, apart from being a triathlete. Anna Caterina, actress. Elena works in marketing. Sonia, in a real estate. Nhoa has been on tour with Rosalía. Gerard is a representative of a sports brand. Silvia volunteers at a soup kitchen. “We want everyone to be able to feel reflected with one of them & rdquor ;, Eugenia justifies the ‘mix’ of profiles. “Someone you sit with inspired, accompanied, motivated”.

It is not new. The motivational cycling It began to be practiced in New York 15 years ago. It was invented by the two ideologues of Soul Cycle. “Cardios parties& rdquor ;, they call them there. Some Harvard professor has even given motivational ‘speech’ about a bike, says Eugenia. She tried it when she lived in Mexico. “When I was an expatriate,” she recalls, “it was my way of giving myself a moment to think about many of the things that were happening to me in life.”

The sessions are divided into 12 songs, details the partner of Lapso. “In each song a different thing is worked & rdquor ;. The “eleven song& rdquor; is that of ‘coaching‘. Number 11. You have already been releasing endorphins for 40 minutes, they turn off the lights, they tell you that you can, that you are going to achieve what you set out to do. You are going to change the world. “What is it that makes you special? Think about it & rdquor ;. And they let you roll blind. “When you have been pushing your body to the limit for so long,” points out Eugenia, “it is proven at a physiological level that your mind can focus more on a specific issue & rdquor ;.

‘Multitasking’ on wheels: here pedaling is combined with ‘coaching’, party, dance, yoga, meditation. It depends on who is leading the indoor squad. “It’s a high & rdquor ;, snorts a repeat rider. “A mental rush & rdquor;, points out Anna, the coach-actress who now takes over from Carlos. That is his mission to pedal, he agrees. “Accompany you to forget everything except that you are here, that you are alive and that you are invincible & rdquor ;.

The pioneers

“It’s not about a bike,” says Álvaro surrounded by bicycles. “It’s an excuse & rdquor ;. Álvaro Conejos is the ‘studio manager’ of Love Cycle. It has been five years since they installed their bikes with a disco aura in Via Augusta, 10. “We were pioneers to bring the format to Spain & rdquor ;, he says with a big mouth. “A lot of people mistake it for a kind of ‘indoor cycling’ Álvaro insists. But what we do is much more: motivate people to excel, to find the best version of themselves and do all of that in a safe community environment. Everyone is welcome & rdquor ;. It is still a better known modality outside of Spain. International audiences abound.

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The same thing you do a choreography on the bike that you pedal surrounded by candles. It’s the same. Everyone enters the room with the same enthusiasm as in the disco. “The energy of Thursday and Friday nights leaves very little to envy that of the Staurdays night del Apolo & rdquor ;, laughs Álvaro. “After this difficult period of quarantine – he adds – there has been a mentality change: to appreciate sport for more than just burning calories. What mental health”.

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‘Coaching’ by bike: go to the gym to eat the world

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