Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel Romero, from ‘UPA Dance’ to ‘Patria y Vida’ for freedom

Here is a beautiful love story between a woman from Madrid, Beatriz Luengo, and a Cuban, Yotuel romero. They met recording a highly successful television series: A step forward and they no longer separated after joining a musical group, Upa Dance. They have been together for eighteen years, have two children and, last week, they repeated their wedding ceremony, the eve of participating in the last Latin Grammy Awards. There they vindicated their desire for Cuba to regain freedom after sixty years of the Castro dictatorship. Message that already in February of this year contained his song “Homeland and Life“, of international diffusion.

Beatriz Luengo He was born in the capital of Spain on December 23, 1982. He will therefore be thirty-nine years old next month. Her artistic biography is very complete: actress, dancer, singer, songwriter, businesswoman … She was discovered as a child when intervening in Rita and Miliki’s circus, a musical about “Peter Pan” and when he was young, he became one of the protagonists of A step forward, series that kept her busy for several seasons, with an estimated “share” average of more than three and a half million audience, to later found her own dance school, playing “herself” in another series, Paquita Salas. He also recorded his first album where Justin Timberlake collaborated and Yotuel romero.

A step forward It turned out to be, as we said, one of the most successful series on Antena 3. It consisted of eighty-four episodes aired between January 8, 2002 and April 24, 2005. A few weeks ago, the multinational network Netflix re-scheduled it. Beatriz played the role of Lola Fernández, one of the twenty students chosen to join a performing arts school, whose director in fiction was the great actress Lola Herrera. The plot revolved around the experiences as future professionals of the musical spectacle between romances, rivalries and adventures of a sentimental nature. “A Step Forward” was broadcast in some fifty countries, which meant that its actors achieved great notoriety. Beatriz Luengo I would add something more important to this: during the recordings he met the one who was going to be “the man of his life”, his great love, the aforementioned yan Yotuel Romero.

This young Cuban was both an actor, a model and a singer-songwriter, which immediately, when he met Beatriz, immediately facilitated their relationship. Yotuel Omar Manzanares Romero came into the world in Havana forty-five years ago. He specialized in singing rap and pop music first with a very celebrated group in Cuba, Orishas and later as a soloist. It was always signified by his vehemence when it comes to acting in public, which is why he was nicknamed “Yotuel the warrior”. Fed up with the chains that Castroism continues to impose on Cubans, he was able to leave the island, becoming an exile when he arrived in Miami. Then he came to Spain and that is when he managed to be admitted among those who wanted to be chosen for “A step forward”, among half a thousand applicants. Of course, when that happened the series was already well advanced, which only allowed him to intervene in twenty chapters, in the character of Pável Rodríguez.

Shortly after arriving to the shoot Yotuel her gaze crossed with that of a beautiful intervener, Beatriz Luengo. But it was definitive when several of the actors of “Un paso para” decided to form the musical group “Upa dance”, with which they toured twenty-five Spanish cities with a happy and youthful show. From which a record of spectacular sales emerged: one million copies. Beatriz and Yotuel were beneficiaries of that success. It was on that tour that that crush emerged that, in other times, was assigned to a legendary angel: Cupid. Yotuel She would tell that meeting like this: “I still remember the first day, when you asked me for sugar for the coffee we had in a bar. I left my sugar by your side. Thank you, Beatriz, for letting me enter your life.”

Yotuel and Beatriz Luengo | Gtres

A bit cheesy but definitive that declaration of love. They did not take long to form a couple from 2003. They decided to get married in Las Vegas, an intimate ceremony in which they had the pleasure of having the presence of two fellow friends: the remembered Pau Donés (“The skinny one”) and Juan Luis Guerra (“I hope it rains coffee!”), Who officiated as witnesses. Beatriz has repeated the word “destiny” in the lyrics of some of her compositions. She always refers to him to indicate what united her to Yotuel. Very motivated to defend women’s rights, she published the book “The awakening of the muses”, where she exposes the female challenges to achieve them. He presented it during one of the editions of Triumph operation.

Over the years, the time came for the couple to give birth to a child, to whom they named D’Angelo, born in 2016. They waited a few years until 2021, when their daughter Zoé came into the world. The name was a tribute to the mother of Yotuel, which in Greek means “Life”. It was then that this year they considered marrying for the second time, in the same setting as the previous one, the city of Las Vegas. It is known that the marriages that take place there, unless it is before a judge, are invalid. They are ceremonies in which they dress up as characters from the movies or the song. And last week, what we already said, they said yes again, in the same month in which they had celebrated their first wedding, fourteen years ago. This one, on November 16. They remembered Pau Donés, whose death last year impressed them greatly even knowing that they had already diagnosed that end.

About that picturesque link in Las Vegas, Beatriz Luengo, active on Instagram, wrote the following: “I hope that eternity catches us together! And not because we sign a paper or because we already have two beautiful children. But because we continue to look at each other like that” And he was referring to the image of both of them, spellbound by each other.

Over the years Beatriz and Yotuel have not only reaffirmed their love but have also collaborated on various compositions, sometimes in tandem, sometimes separately, while in the same way they have participated in different events. She, for example, went through “Your face sounds to me” while he competed in MasterChef Celebrity, where he was soon expelled. Those who decided to do so were justified by claiming that the dessert he prepared lacked flavor. And he told himself that perhaps it was possible because all the sugar he had on hand had been given to his beloved Beatriz. You will remember: when they met …

Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel | Gtres

The talent that Beatriz Luengo She has as a composer and has shown it by being required by Thalía and especially by Ricky Martin. This one premiered “La mordidita”, “Who wants to listen” and some other. For her part, Beatriz has had successes in Latin America singing “Chanteíto pa un ex”. And in duet with Yotuel, “Rakata”. In June 2021, the song that composed in 2020 could not be broadcast then could finally be heard: “Together we are more.” It was the anthem of the Spanish soccer team in the Eurocup.

But the piece that has been known in half the world, signed by both, and released in February of this same year is “Homeland and Life “, thus titled in response to the so brought and carried “Country or Death“, the motto of Fidel Castro and his henchmen, which is still upheld.” Homeland and Life “has had, we insist, a great deal of significance as it became the anthem of Cubans, exiled or not, who fight because on their island they have the freedom that The Castro continues to deny them. It reached the ears of international organizations, the majority of which members sympathized with the Cuban people, who suffer so much. The recording gave the couple many joys, but also shocks. Because several colleagues who participated in the album were They were immediately imprisoned when the song began to gain relevance. “It greatly annoyed the regime, when it only talks about human rights,” declares Beatriz Luengo: “We have received personal threats when what we have done is music and ask for freedom for those who have no voice.” .

Homeland and Life it sounded for the first time on February 16, 2021. As expected in “Granma”, an organ of the Cuban government, they put them back and a half, accusing them of traitors, Beatriz to Yotuel and those who took patre in the recording of the album of yore. The Director of Communications for the Cuban Ministry of Culture called Yotuel a “jinetero”, with which he wanted to insult him, alluding to those who live thanks to sleeping with foreigners. Yotuel counterattacks: “To go against the single party is not to stop being Cuban; it is to want freedom.”

The mother of Yotuel He said: “Son, have the courage to do what my generation did not do.” During the recent Grammys, on the red carpet, Yotuel he carried a Cuban flag, which he exhibited as a cape. And Beatriz had a dress made with the same colors of that flag.

Beatriz and Yotuel have sung “Patria y Vida” in public. The Cuban exiles in Miami, where the couple lives with their children, did not stop applauding them. Yotuel shouted: “Free Cuba!” In the first row were Gloria and Emilio Estefan, chanting them. Beatriz confessed through tears that she could not suppress on stage: “I cry because we have suffered many.”

From time to time they come to Madrid. Many people remember them for A step forward, although a decade and a half have passed since its broadcast. They are always seen holding hands with their children. In love like the first day. From this, eighteen years have already passed.

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Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel Romero, from ‘UPA Dance’ to ‘Patria y Vida’ for freedom

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