Athletes from the “Coastal Rowing Club Patagonia” of Puerto Varas had an outstanding participation in National Rowing Championships

The rowing club “Coastal Rowing Club Patagonia” of Puerto Varas was born in 2019, under the wing of the Colegio Patagonia de Puerto Varas, with the mission of promoting and encouraging the sport of rowing in children, youth and adults in its formative, recreational and competitive, taking advantage of the benefits offered by the wonderful surroundings of Puerto Varas. It is a club open to the community, anyone who wants to practice this sport can sign up.

The name “Coastal Rowing” arises from the need to be able to practice rowing in wave conditions, very common in Lake Llanquihue. For this the Coastal boats are ideal, designed for competitions in coastal conditions. The club is the only one that owns these boats in Chile, which are used for daily training sessions.

Currently the club is the only rowing club in Puerto Varas and in it 23 athletes train in low series (8 to 14 years), 4 athletes in high series (15 to 26 years) and 9 athletes in Master category (over 26 years) .

The national championships

On October 29 to 31, the National High Series Championship was held in Valdivia and on December 3 to 5, in Concepción, the National Low Series and Masters championship.

In Valdivia, 20 clubs participated, with more than 500 athletes in total; in Concepción, 24 clubs, 5 associations of the country, with more than 600 athletes and a total of 146 events were presented.

The Coastal Rowing Patagonia club participated in both competitions, obtaining excellent results, considering that it is a club that has only been in existence for two years and that one of them is in confinement, without being able to go to the lake. In addition, other clubs in the region participated, among them “Viento y Marea” and “Estrella Blanca” from Puerto Montt and “Club Náutico Viento Sur” from Llanquihue.


The athletes of the Patagonia Coastal Rowing Club managed to position themselves within the top 12 at the national level in all categories, even obtaining Gold in male single fingerling and male double master, Silver in male single master and Bronze in female quadruple fingerling.

The results by category were as follows:

Matías Severin Aguirre

1st place national single fingerling male

Dieter Bartsch and Benjamin Cancino

1st place national male double master

Benjamin Cancino Caceres

2nd place national male single master

Ignacia Leal, Jacinta Castro, Isidora Sandoval and Paula Herrera

3rd place national, 4X female fingerling

Tomas Carrasco Patroni

5th national male children’s single

Sofia Moraga Pérez

5th place national female children’s single

Florence Mathias Pardo

6th place Nancional single Alevín feminine

Josefa Barrientos

7th place national female cadet single

Juan Agustín Marchant Vidal

8th place national single pre fingerling male

Kurt Diedricks and José Tomás Aldunce

8th place national 2x male fingerling

Emilia Huerta and Martina Catalán

8th place national 2X female fingerling

Rocío Leal Quezada

10 place national single pre fingerling female

Leonardo Vignes and Matías Catalán

12th national male cadet double place.

The next steps

The results obtained enhance the club’s vision of continuing to grow in order to promote the participation of the Puerto Varas community in the sport of rowing, organizing and participating in regional, national and international competitions.

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Athletes from the “Coastal Rowing Club Patagonia” of Puerto Varas had an outstanding participation in National Rowing Championships

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