Annual Tournament of Tucumán: Tucumán Rugby became champion

The Tucumán Rugby became champion of the Annual Tournament after beat Swimming and Gymnastics by 30 to 6 on the Lawn Tennis court.

In the third final that both teams played this year, the green-black took the decisive match, which had a highly contested first half, in such a way that the first points reached 23 minutes through a penalty converted by the opening of Swimming and Gymnastics Santiago Rodríguez. However, the victor knew how to recover, scored a try by the hand of Sauze and he went in advantage to rest by 10 a 6.

The second half was very favorable for Tucumán Rugby, which began by stretching the lead thanks to the try converted by the figure of the match, Jorge Domínguez who added 19 of the 30 points marked by your team.

Yes OK Swimming and Gymnastics tried to be able to discount on the scoreboard, the green-black kept the advantage and finished justifying the advantage. Thus, 35 minutes into the second half, he obtained a penalty try from the scrum to seal the victory and the title by 30 to 6 before the three thousand pesos that attended.

Thus Tucumán Rugby became champion of the Tucumano Annual Tournament after six years.


SWIMMING AND GYMNASTICS (6): 1- Rubén Ricco Falu, 2- Matías Orlande (C), 3- Ramón Elías Sánchez, 4- Mariano Perondi, 5- Patricio José Bonilla, 6- Tomás Juárez, 7- Matías López, 8- Guillermo Villagra, 9- Agustín Ramasco, 10- Santiago Rodríguez, 11- César Miguel Rivadeneira, 12- Salustiano Vergara Fernández, 13- Gonzalo Terraf, 14- Lucas Escobedo, 15- Matías Bascary.

Entered: 16- Gonzalo Emanuel Paez, 17- Damián Alejandro Juárez Luna, 18- Abel Figueroa, 19- Miguel Assis, 20- Santiago Romano, 21- Alejo Majolli, 22- Joaquín Bustos, 23- Alan Nahuel Orellana.

Trainers: Pablo Bascary and Diego Vidal.

TUCUMAN RUGBY (30): 1- Francisco Caram, 2- Bernardo José D’Antuene, 3- Martín José Hernández Hill, 4- Ignacio María Pascal, 5- Francisco José Cáceres Terán, 6- Máximo Zerda (C), 20- Lucas Santamarina, 8- Santiago Aguilar, 9- Miguel Barrera, 22- Jorge Domínguez, 11- Nicolás Calleri, 12- Augusto López Salas, 23- Matías Frías Silva, 14- Matías Sauze, 15- Evaristo Paz Uriburu.

Entered: 16- Santiago Lamarque, 17- Mariano Muntaner, 18- Mariano Carranza, 19- Gerónimo Pascal, 7- Juan María D’Antuene, 21- Santiago Paz Posse, 10- Tomás Witte, 13- Bautista Estofán Esteo.

Coach: José Macome.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 23 ‘Penalty converted by Santiago Rodríguez (NyG); 28 ‘Penalty converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 30 ‘Try by Matías Sauze converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 39 & # 39; Penalty converted by Santiago Rodríguez (NyG).

Partial result: Swimming and Gymnastics 6 – Tucumán Rugby 10

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 4 ‘Try by Jorge Domínguez converted by himself (TR); 29 ‘Penalty converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 32 ‘Penalty converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 35 ‘Try penalty (TR).

Final score: Swimming and Gymnastics 6 – Tucumán Rugby 30

Admonished: ST 29 ‘César Miguel Rivadeneira (NyG); 38 ‘A hard tackle from Gerónimo Pascal (TR).

REFEREE: David Costilla

BASKETBALL COURT: Tucumán Lawn Tennis

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Annual Tournament of Tucumán: Tucumán Rugby became champion

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