A woman who weighed 89 kilos manages to lose twelve in a year and win a triathlon

Julia Frense is a woman from Philadelphia, in (United States), whom A doctor advised him at the age of 27 to start a treatment to combat cholesterol. Due to a diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism (a parathyroid tumor) and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), experts recommended that you watch your diet and exercise more frequently.

Remember that at that time “she was not active” and weighed 197 pounds (more than 89 kilos). “I had to change and, as of January 2021, I set out to do it.” At that moment, the young woman bought a calendar to write down the thirty minutes that she was going to move her body every day. “I wrote down my workouts,” he told Triathlete. “So everyone could see it.”

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that it is not necessary to go to the gym to combat sedentary lifestyle. In Julia’s case, she opted for drawing “a five-kilometer route through my city,” which she began to “travel several times a week.” Once she was familiar with that distance, her fiancé gave her spinning shoes for “the Peloton classes” she signed up for.

“They made me feel powerful”

Due to the restrictions promoted by the covid-19, in 2020 and 2021 there has been a boom in virtual careers. After signing up, all you have to do is run a chosen distance rather than congregate with other athletes. Once these measures were relaxed, Frense completed “some face-to-face races.” “I loved the feeling of competing; and, above all, tell myself that my body was capable of doing it ”.

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However, When did this woman become interested in triathlon? Accustomed to running and cycling regularly, she entered the Women’s Philly Duathon in July 2021. “After that, I started thinking: could I do a triathlon? To achieve that goal, he had to learn to swim. ” Thus, she began teaching swimming lessons two days a week, and also hired an athletic trainer, who would teach her to be a stronger runner.

“I have never met a more supportive and inclusive group”

“Both coaches were women […] and they made me feel very powerful, ”she confesses. When she felt she was ready joined the local triathlon club exclusively for women, Mullica Hill Women’s Triathlon Club. “I have never met a more supportive and inclusive group than triathlon women,” she recalls.

The importance of taking care of yourself

“At my first open water swim practice, I said it was new and a partner swam all the way with me, simply because I knew it was my first time. “In Julia’s opinion, this support has allowed her to achieve” an achievement that I would never have imagined. “The Philadelphia woman completed a triathlon on August 21, 2021 and qualified first in the group your age.

“When I reflect on where I was a year ago, going from being overweight with a possible heart attack diagnosis to become the fit and strong athlete that I am today, I’m excited, “he says. The woman remembers how important it is to take care of health. And the thing is, doctors and nutrition experts who advise following a varied diet and exercising frequently, hope not only that their patient will lose weight, but also that they can enjoy a good quality of life.

“My first goal was to lose weight, but I have achieved much more”. In this time, Julia has lost “more than twelve kilos” and feels “stronger every day.” “And most importantly, I am in a time of rediscovering myself. Where will this journey take me? I still don’t know it, but I think somewhere good ”. Finally, remember that if you do not know what activity to practice or what diet to follow, it is advisable to consult a professional.

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A woman who weighed 89 kilos manages to lose twelve in a year and win a triathlon

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