Auto market, U-turn. In April, the plus sign returns

In the annual comparison, registrations grow by 1.47%. It is the first month in which the eco-bonus has actually been benefited. The diesel meltdown continues

After the 3.1% decline in 2018 and the three consecutive drops in the first months of 2019, the Italian car market recorded a positive sign in April, also thanks to an extra working day. According to data from the Ministry of Transport, 174,412 cars were registered, 1.47% more than in the same month of 2018. “April – explains the Centro Studi Promotor – was the first month in which it was actually possible to use state incentives for the purchase of low environmental impact cars. The contribution of bonuses, if any, was modest and more than offset by the malus, that is, by the increase in registration taxes ”. The balance of the first four months of the year remains negative for the market: 712,196 cars sold, with a decrease of 4.62% compared to the same period of 2018.

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The FCA group closed the month with 44,123 registrations, 4.15% less than the same month in 2018 and the share at 25.3%, with a positive trend compared to January, February and March. In the first four months of the year, the group’s registrations were 176,278, down by 13.75% compared to the same period of 2018. Jeep with 30,200 registrations in the four-month period – explains the company – is the leader of SUVs with a share of the ’11, 1% in the segment, equal to 4.2% of the total market, while the Fiat Panda is permanently the best-selling car in the A segment. Volkswagen records an increase in registrations of 5.42% to 15,237 units, with a share market increase to 8.74% and over the quarter an increase of 2.25%. Renault, which has a 5.4% stake, sold 9,414 cars (-23.54% April over April, -12.9 quarter over quarter), while the other French Peugeot saw sales grow by 6.75. % 8 (+ 0.7% yoy from January to April) to 10,195 units with a share of 5.85%. Drop of 8.09% (-13.19% in the quarter) for Ford which has a share of 6.27%.


“Despite the holidays and the long weekends, the car market is going, or so it seems. The positive signal must be grasped, but it does not significantly change the picture ”, comments Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the Centro Studi Promotor, who expects a drop in registrations in 2019 of 5.8%. Also for Michele Crisci, president of Unrae, the association of foreign car manufacturers: “Despite the April result – he explains – the state of health of the car market remains worrying and the stimulus deriving from eco-bonus incentives, however weakened by the negative effect of the malus on cars with higher emissions, will only partially mitigate the negative impacts of a worsening economic context “.

Power supply

The double-digit contraction in diesel cars continues in the month (-22% and 20,000 cars less than in April 2018 with a share of 40%), while petrol cars grow by 33% and represent the 45%. Electric cars more than quadrupled in the month (1,200 units, as in the entire first quarter of 2018), reaching a record share of 0.7%. In the first four months of 2019, electric cars touched 2,400 units, double compared to a year ago.

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Auto market, U-turn. In April, the plus sign returns

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