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José Fresco, head of Lafuga Cycling, assures that in Galicia, the cycling market is “very dynamic”.

(11-16-2021). José Fresco, founder and general manager of the Lafuga Cycling chain is “very satisfied” with the new look that the cycling retail scene has taken in Spain. As he assures, “the pandemic has shaken the entire sector and it is advancing at an exponential rate.”

Although the head of Lafuga Cycling, José Fresco, continues to consider that “much professionalism is still lacking in cycling retail in Spain”, the retailer is “very satisfied” by the pace that the process of concentration in the cycling sector is gaining. cycling distribution in the country. In his opinion, “that the purchase operations that are being carried out are being carried out by large business groups will bring professionalism to the sector and we will all benefit from this. It is good that the traditional atomization that has prevailed in Spanish cycling retail is concentrating as this will result in greater innovation, in more solid business structures and, consequently, in a healthier market ”.


José Fresco acknowledges that “never as this year had there been so many calls, conversations and negotiations between retailers in order to evaluate alliances or commercial agreements”. The retailer adds to this the “growing interest that the cycling sector arouses among investors, both in Spain and abroad” and does not rule out that all this negotiating dynamism will lead to “new operations such as those that Quadis and the group have carried out this year. Barrabés with Mammoth and, even, that foreign chains arrive ”.

Asked if this trend of purchases, mergers and takeovers can worry or disturb suppliers, who have been enjoying a very atomized retail for years, Fresco has indicated that he has not detected any reaction in this regard among them. As he specified, “I think that we will all agree on the need to have a market that is as professional as possible.”

The owner of the six Lafuga Cycling stores assures that the market in Galicia is “very dynamic” and argues this on the basis that “the market has grown and is moving at a higher magnitude than before the pandemic.” To this they have helped, as he explains, “the campaigns related to bicycles and mobility because our starting point in that sense was so low that currently any action aimed at promoting bicycles registers a very powerful return.”


As a result, the evolution of Lafuga Cycling during 2021 is being very favorable. Last 2020, the chain had a turnover of just over 2 million euros (not counting VAT) and during the ten months counted so far in 2021, a growth of 40% is registered in relation to the turnover of the same period of last year. This leads José Fresco to foresee that this year the turnover figure could range between 30% and 40% above that of 2020, due to the weather prevailing in the last two months of the year.

José Fresco is very optimistic about the potential of his market. The retailer points out that the Galician market is a “more immature market than that of other areas of Spain.” Based on this, Lafuga Cycling is designing different growth policies, including actions aimed at the development of sustainable mobility.

On the other hand, the retailer is not concerned about the supply problems that would affect a large part of the retail sector. “We have always had a product. The suppliers are complying with the schedules that we made for them and we have only suffered some shortcomings but it has been very punctual ”.

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Lafuga Cycling highlights the “exponential advance” of Spanish cycling retail – CMD Sport

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