Kick boxing: the Mendoza who sold the car to travel and was a world champion in Egypt

The mendocino Fernando Amaya became double world champion of kick boxing in the full contact and K1 modalities. The ward of Emaniel Ramponi was the best in its category (75 kg.) in the contest developed since October 18 in Cairo, Egypt.

The story of David and Golliat began in Mendoza, in the gyms Huargos and RC, where he works as a teacher and student, respectively. It is that the scarcity of resources could not stop the momentum of the local competitor that he ran raffles and even sold his PlayStation and his car to be able to travel to compete in the contest held in Africa.

The story began with the call of Carlos Suárez, president of the WKF (World Kick boxing Federation): “Carlos called me to select me and I chose the weight and the modality“he began by saying.

Of course, the economic effort to travel and support themselves was enormous. The Argentine peso has lost a lot of ground internationally and traveling abroad is increasingly difficult for Argentine citizens. “I did a raffle in which sponsors helped me with the prizes and many people who supported me by buying a numbers. But that was not enough, I also sold my car and the Play for what I was missing, “he explained.

But the sacrifice was not strictly economic, the preparation was “very arduous,” he said: “There were nine weekly kick boxing, 3 boxing and 5 physical training sessions for 5 weeks“.


Your participation in the World Cup

Once in the land of the pharaohs, he was relentless. He competed in the full contact and K1 modalities. In FC faced in the first instance an Egyptian competitor, whom he beat on the cards, while in the final he defeated the great candidate: the Spanish Féliz Ortiz. It was by knockout in the third round.

“The Egyptian rival made it difficult for me because he had a very unpredictable fighting style. I really couldn’t ‘get the card’ from him. While the Spaniard was very fast and strong and had great experience (48 fights). He hit him and didn’t move him, but I ended up knocking it down, “he said.


And K1, he related: “I had the first fight against Austria, but my rival did not want to fight me so as not to get hurt and, in the final, I fought with his compatriot, whom I knocked out 30 seconds into the first round.“.

The athlete acknowledged that it was a contest with a “very high” level. “There were very strong teams, like those of France, Portugal, Russia and Spain “.


“I fought with my heart”

El Toro Amaya, 22, is a well-known competitor in our province and region. But this time he went further and broke all kinds of barriers, surprising locals and strangers. He fulfilled his dream, he climbed to the top of the world and said that he did it to “fight with his heart.”

“I left everything in every training, in every diet, in every detail, in everything that I left to come to fight in Egypt. I did it for my dad“, he expressed.

Meanwhile, he assured that “The teacher from Spain himself told me ‘you fight with your heart and you can’t beat that with anything’“” These triumphs are the dream of my life since I was 8 years old, “he confessed.


Without a doubt, becoming a world champion is a before and after in the life of any athlete and it will not be different for Amaya: “Personally, my career is going to take a big leap and I hope this motivates the kids to put it in and pursue their dreams, to the event organizers to give better prizes or support and to keep the kids motivated “.

“From the World Cup, in addition to the joy I have for having consecrated myself, I stay with all the warriors who were part of the selected team and made me feel as a family. All the time we were all for everyone and, above all, the motivation: with them not I lost focus not for a second, “he acknowledged.

The revelation

Fernando, who thanked the great contribution of Mauricio Battaglia, Emanuel Ramponi and Jorge González, was chosen Featured Athlete and Competition Reveal. “Carlos Suárez and Cristian Bosch gave me the gloves and for me it is a true honor,” he closed.



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Kick boxing: the Mendoza who sold the car to travel and was a world champion in Egypt

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