They went to Colors: the musical selection of “World Africa” ​​# 86

Each Wednesday, The World Africa presents three new musical products from or inspired by the continent. This week, we are offering you a detour to Berlin where, since 2016, the Colors studio has been highlighting emerging artists by inviting them to sing one of their pieces, most of the time alone in front of the microphone, on a neutral background whose color varied.

The process has the advantage of emphasizing the voices and their nuances, as well as the interpretation. And if the programming is dominated by globalized urban music – and ultimately quite standardized -, it gives a large place to musicians from different diasporas, especially African, in a melting pot of origins, influences and languages ​​which gives birth sometimes nice musical surprises.

In 2021, Colors welcomed well-known artists from World Africa, like the Nigerian Wayne Snow or the Angolan Pongo. We have selected three other performances – in English, German and Portuguese – which also caught our attention. They are signed Alewya, OG Keemo and Natalie Greffel.

« Ethiopia », d’Alewya

Born in Saudi Arabia to an Egyptian father and an Ethiopian mother, Alewya Demmisse, 27, grew up in Sudan and the United Kingdom, a country whose language she adopted for her songs. With her figure of a former model at Elite, her tattoos and her piercings, she is reminiscent of the Belgian-Congolese singer Lous and The Yakuza. Mid-November, Alewya released her first EP, Panther in Mode, including six tracks which combine R&B, soul, electro, kuduro… Among these, Ethiopia, the song she performed for Colors is a tribute to her mother’s country.

«Rain», the OG Keemo

His next album, Man bites dog (“The man bites the dog”, in German), will be released on January 7. Karim Joel Martin, alias “OG Keemo”, was born in 1993 in Mainz. Son of a Sudanese who arrived in Germany three years earlier, he lived between Bayreuth, Heidelberg and Mannheim, but it was the United States and the United Kingdom that rocked him musically, with the rappers MF Doom, Kendrick Lamar , Madlib, Skepta, Schoolboy Q… With the beatmaker Funkvater Frank, he offers on the track Regen a hip-hop fueled by samples « old school » which would almost make us want to (re) learn German.

« The Sun Would Do You Well », by Natalie Greffel

She also lives across the Rhine, more precisely in Berlin, where she settled in 2010 to study music. Born in Mozambique and raised in Denmark, Natalie Greffel also stayed in Brazil thanks to the Erasmus program. A period during which she drank samba and which strongly influenced her music, while making the link with her native country, also Portuguese-speaking. His first opus, For all, was released in 2020. For Colors, she performed with guitarist Carlos Corona a piece called the sun would do you good – “the sun would do you good”. We do not doubt it.

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They went to Colors: the musical selection of “World Africa” ​​# 86

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