Hockey: Pacífico and Universitario will seek to close the year with the Olympic return

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Pacific or University “A”, one of the two will close a very special year in the best way: being the local hockey champion.

The Championship Zone of the Ladies Apertura Tournament will be defined in the extra final, on the Bahiense Association court, from 5:30 p.m., in the contest that marked the official return of the activity after the stop by COVID-19.

“I think we had a very good year and this is the best way to close it. We worked for this, nothing was a coincidence. We deserve to close it in the best way. First, playing a good game, playing our thing and if that is accompanied by a good result, better. The party is assured, because we have already made history, winning would be the icing on the cake, “said the goalkeeper from Pacífico, María Coronel.

The Green arrived at this instance after winning the regular season for the first time in its history And whatever happens, you will get your best position in the domestic competition.

Uni, meanwhile, was third in the qualifying stage and will enjoy his tenth finish in the last decade and will try to enlarge his extensive and rich record.

“This final is something that all the clubs want to play and luckily we arrived again, it was a very long year that we want to close it in the best way. We are really looking forward to it and where we wanted to be. We trust each one of us and in a way. group and we knew how to take advantage of it. That is why now we have this gift, “said Agostina Aguzzi, goalkeeper at Universitario.

Last weekend, Las Pirañas brought out their experience and, despite starting losing, they imposed conditions in the second half and they stayed with the playoffs, after winning the final by 2 to 1.

“We were satisfied with the first half, I think we controlled it a lot. It was very even. The early goal in the second half destabilized us and got our nerves. I think the inexperience of never having played finals made the anxiety win. But it was good to learn and apply now, “admitted Dee Dee.

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“We have a way of playing,” he added, “which is to pass. We are a hard-working team on the pitch, just as we are outside, at our club. And at one point, that desperation that I was telling you, made us not play our game. and I think that was what made the difference “admitted the” 1 “of the Green.

Aguzzi, for his part, also recounted the feelings left by the victory that put them in search of a new Olympic round.

“We have to improve some details, but having won the other day left us with more desire to play and win,” he said.

“More than experience,” he understood, “I think the good thing is the way we have to work mentally. Because we started losing and we didn’t fall and we were able to turn the game around, I think the head is essential for that,” Agos understood.

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Pacific hockey is enjoying its happiest days at a historic club that is celebrating its 125th anniversary.

So being in a local tournament definition for the first time is a moment of celebration and pride. Although, also, it could be a pressure.


“We didn’t think that so many people were going to go (to the final of the playoffs), they all arrived in a caravan when we were warming up and we couldn’t believe it. That also put a backpack on us, because we felt we owed a party to all those people who had arrived. I think we have to learn that the party is already the game. We have to play for ourselves and, if the result happens, we will celebrate with the people. It was a beautiful experience because it had never happened to us before. nice for us and also for the club, “said Coronel.

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“Even if it is a final, the games are enjoyed and to do so you have to play and do things well in search of the goal. Our goal is to play as we know, perhaps we were somewhat irregular in many games but what we are looking for is to play our game. and we trust in that “, Agos was deluded.

In the event that the match ends tied, the champion will be defined by shoot out, where the work of Dee Dee and Aguzzi, can become essential for the team to close the year by giving the Olympic lap in Las Tres Villas.

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“I would prefer that it not happen, that it ends sooner because the year was long. If it does, I will have to be concentrated. I try to isolate myself from what is happening outside and not let anything get me off the track,” said Coronel.

“The idea is always there, the truth is not something I would choose. But if it happens, you have to leave everything for the colors and for the group,” Agostina warned.


-Academic: Agostina Aguzzi; Martina Orioli, Josefina Calió, Sofía Macchia; Julieta Kluin, Florencia Scheverin, Valentina Kluin, Marina Urruti, Florencia Vallejos, Agustina Lértora and Milena Poggiese. DT: Leonardo Woodward.

-Peaceful: Maria Coronel; Aimé Apezzato, Milagro Agesta, Florencia Donati, Carolina Pirola; Lucía Perdigón, Victoria Fittipaldi, Ana Gonzalía; Donatella Porte, Milena Gabbarini and Maite Guerra Bonfiazi. DT: Javier Soquiransky.

How did they arrive

Pacífico reached the first final in its history, after winning – also for the first time – the regular phase of the tournament, with 7 wins and only one defeat.

Then, in the playoffs, he eliminated Tiro in the quarterfinals, by beating him by 11 to 0 and in the semifinals he left Sociedad Sportiva “A” on the road by shoot out (4 to 2) after equaling 2 to 2 in regular time. .

University, meanwhile, finished fourth in the qualifying stage with 6 successes and two falls

Already in the crosses, he beat Villa Miter (7 to 1) and then beat Atlético Monte Hermoso, on penalties (3 to 1), after drawing 1 to 1 in the regulation.

To colaborate

All those who come to the ABH field today will be able to bring non-perishable food and Christmas products, which will be donated by the Association to the El Pasillo Feeder, which is attended by 200 people daily.

The rest

In addition to the final for the First title, the action will start earlier at the Las Tres Villas complex.

At 1:30 p.m., Universitario and Atlético Monte Hermoso will meet for the final of Intermedia de Damas.

Then, at 15:30, Argentino and El Nacional will be measured for third place, also from Intermedia.

The men, meanwhile, will play the 12th date of the Opening Tournament.

Today, Rosario Puerto Belgrano and Puerto Belgrano will play in Puerto.

Tomorrow, for their part, will play Villa Miter-Monte (at 1:30 p.m., at the tricolor estate) and Palihue-El Nacional (at 18, at the Albiverde field).

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Hockey: Pacífico and Universitario will seek to close the year with the Olympic return

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