Fortnite welcomes Dune, and the reaction from Chalamet and Zendaya is fantastic

Epic Games’ battle royale launches a new collaboration with Denis Villeneuve’s acclaimed feature film, with these results.

Fortnite has just kicked off a crossover with Dune, the latest film shot by director Denis Villeneuve based on Frank Herbert’s best-selling novel. The collaboration introduces, among other things, the skins of the film’s protagonists, played by Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya. At the same time, the Halloween event has begun which is repeated every year with news for all fans of the Epic Games battle royale, apparently next to the landing at the cinema.

Fortnite-Dune: Chalamet and Zendaya’s reaction –

Before moving on to the Halloween event, similar to what is happening to Apex Legends, the most striking element of the crossover is undoubtedly the introduction of the skins of Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in Fortnite. The two unsuspecting actors were shown skins inspired by their characters and the extremely surprised reaction was immortalized in a video.

To complete the set Dune, the items that can be obtained right now are the following:


  • Costume Paul Atreides: beyond fear, her fate awaits her (with masked alternate style)
  • Costume Chani: a mighty Fremen warrior master of the art of survival.


  • Ornithopter hang glider: attack aircraft with multiple wings.
  • Fremkit decorative back: essential for survival in the inhospitable desert world of Dune.
  • Decorative back Chani bag: Chani’s personal Fremkit.
  • Sandwalk Emote: walk like the natives of Arrakis.
  • Twin Blades Pickaxe: the favorite weapon of the Atreides warriors.
  • Pickaxe Ami from Creator: a Fremen hook used to ride sandworms.

Players can choose to purchase these bundled items. The Dune bundle includes the Paul Atreides costume, the Chani costume, the Fremkit back and the Chani Purse back. Additionally, it includes the Stick Worm loading screen. The Dune Gear Bundle includes the Creator Ami Pickaxe, Twin Blades Pickaxe, Ornithopter Glider and Sandwalk Emote.

Fortnite: The Nightmare 2021 – Wrath of the Queen of Cubes –

The event The Nightmare 2021 – Wrath of the Queen of the Cubes has also started today and this phase (which will not be the last) will last until next November 2nd. For the occasion, the island of Fortnite has emerged the Queen of cubes, ushering in a new phase of Nightmare 2021, the game’s Halloween event. The arrival of the Queen of cubes brings changes to the Island: the Cubes are mobilizing. Their migration to the center of the island was not just to spread corruption: they are now in the center and forming the Convergence. What is the purpose of this mysterious structure? The Rage of the Queen of the cubes will end at 3.00 pm on November 2nd, Italian time, but since then the ViceVerso Scythe and the Keeper will remain, and the Convergence will evolve. For all the details on the rewards of the event, you can reach the official website of the game.

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Fortnite welcomes Dune, and the reaction from Chalamet and Zendaya is fantastic

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