Digital odometers easier to fix: 1.6 million cars in the US

An NBC investigation revealed that in the US the car-mileage scam is uncontrollable with a turnover of over 1 billion dollars

In the US, the case of rigged odometers. According to NBC in the US they are in circulation well 1.6 million vehicles which do not record the kilometers actually traveled. In just a few minutes you can change the history of the car by cutting the distance traveled. In this way the cars “rejuvenated” and then sold to unsuspecting buyers. According to statistics, the business of rigged speedometers earns more than 1 billion dollars every year. For its part, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has declared war on scams. In addition to a greater focus on the second-hand market, the NHTSA has drafted a brief advice list to avoid traps. Let’s see the details.


The American television broadcaster NBC has decided to clarify the case of the souped-up odometers. The network has collected an impressive number of reports from its listeners revealing how it works the scam. All cars are potentially at risk. Indeed, the cars that mount a digital odometer they are also easier to reset. According to NBC, there are approximately 1.6 million cars involved in the United States. The investigation reveals how much this system can make money. In the case of a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado SUV with approximately 370,000km the market price is approximately $ 3,700. The report shows how a mechanic can set the kilometers traveled to “only” 210,000 within a minute. With this trick, the value of the Used SUV rises to more than $ 8,000. It must be said that in the US, forgery is a federal crime and exposes consumers to also security risks.


It seems that the scam of the rigged odometers is quite a lot widespread in the USA. For its part, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which reports to the Department of Transportation is clear. The Authority has made it known that it is moving and has moved because all scammers are punished. According to the NHTSA, more than 450,000 vehicles with false odometer readings. The cost to American consumers is over 1 billion dollars per year. In recent months, the case of Mark Longgrear and his son Zachary has caused a sensation. From 2014 until February 2018, the two men, both individually and through their company Southern Auto Buyers LLC they manipulated thousands of used cars. The system was proven, buy low-priced and very mileage cars reset the speedometers. The two scammers allegedly sold the counterfeit cars in much of the United States.


The NHTSA has released a series of useful tips to avoid scams. First thing to do is to check the documents concerning the vehicle maintenance and make sure the numbers are legible. In any case, look for the stickers on the car body for the various oil changes made. It is important to remember that i digital odometers they can be reprogrammed and display a lower mileage. Another important tip is to check tire wear. If the car reads 20,000 km the tires should be in good condition. If not, the speedometer is likely to be rigged. Also and pedals throttle, brake and clutch are a good indicator. If they appear too worn, it is likely that the car has traveled several kilometers. Last but not least the control of the VIN code. The code identifies each vehicle and allows access to its history including the actual km.

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Digital odometers easier to fix: 1.6 million cars in the US

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