Clint Eastwood, el cowboy eterno

Cry Macho

Address: Clint Eastwood
Interpreters: Clint Eastwood, Dwight Yoakam, Eduardo Minett, Natalia Traven
Production: EE.UU, 2021. Drama. * * *

He turned 91 last May, and it shows when he walks. But his bearing and his vital attitude are enviable. In any case, the question is whether Cry Macho it will be Clint Eastwood’s last film, his filmic testament. It may be his last film as an actor (it was already said of Gran Torino and it was said again of From) and do a few more. If it is the farewell of the actor, it is a hyperbolic farewell: unlike the aforementioned Gran Torino and From, where he assumed his advanced age and the circumstances that it entails, here Eastwood asks us for the sacrosanct suspension of disbelief, which of course we grant him without question, since his character, an old rodeo star, by script requirements is still capable, to his age, of herding a punch when appropriate, seducing a visibly younger widow (he is also a widower), taming a wild horse and driving a carriage with Bullitt’s dexterity.

Clint Eastwood en “Cry Macho.” (Claire Folger/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

Claire Folger / AP

Clint, in short, is a diamond for eternity: the canonical cowboy (the hat, his hallmark: how well he wears it!) Who has spanned more than a century of cinema, since Tom Mix and William S. Hart, and who Eastwood himself will bury with no possible heirs. From what has been said, you will guess that Cry Macho It is a contemporary western, but the grace of the film is that it is many other things: a romantic melodrama, an adventure film, a comedy, a thriller, a road movie, a buddy movie

His traveling companion is a thirteen-year-old boy, half “gringo” and half Mexican, whom he has to take from Mexico, where his mother lives, to Texas, where his father lives, an itinerary dotted with incidents, dangers, bonfires to the bad weather, etc. The sentimental substrate that adorns the tour has its emotional moments (Eastwood parking his laconicism and confessing to the boy his family misfortune, alone in a parish) and other more mellifluous.


Escena de “Cry Macho.” (Claire Folger/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

Claire Folger / AP

Cry Macho It is perhaps the simplest work of Eastwood in a long time, but it is full of essences that are genuine cinema, narration of a crystalline purity, where the gratifying pleasure of telling a story is transmitted and penetrates the viewer as in the old days of Walsh or Hawks, filmmakers who breastfed us as Eastwood, eternal cowboy, breastfeeds us.

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Clint Eastwood, el cowboy eterno