Chris Evans shows his chest tattoos and Twitter goes crazy

Emma McIntyreGetty Images A tank top played a trick on Chris Evans during an interview, revealing the tattoos that “hides” in it chest and revolutionizing Twitter thus. Chris Evans could be preparing his return to Marvel as Captain America From his first roles in ‘Not another stupid American movie’ and ‘Fantastic 4’, to his passage … Read more

Will Smith claims he did not participate in ‘The Suicide Squad’ due to scheduling problems

When James Gunn confirmed his cast and the new faces that will come to his version of The Suicide Squad, many wondered why the return of the Deadshot from Will Smith. Was there a problem of opinion? Did Warner and DC want to forget the memory of the controversial version of David Ayer in 2016? … Read more

“The conversation with my daughter was not a personal awakening”

Matt Damon has explained to the magazine Vanity that he does not use insults in his personal life, but that he understands that his words may have led to confusion and angry reactions. According to what Damon has explained to the aforementioned magazine, the actor yielded to the medium Sunday Times an interview in which … Read more

Johnny Depp would not have everything lost with Jack Sparrow and they would give him a new chance

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp has starred in “Pirates of the Caribbean” since 2003. Photo: AP. (Arthur Mola / Arthur Mola / Invision / AP) It has only been a couple of months since Johnny Depp’s career began to unravel and although it seemed that the actor would never again have a chance in big-name productions, … Read more

Zack Snyder says the new Batman trailer is amazing and Matt Reeves responds

Zack Snyder says the new Batman trailer is amazing and Matt Reeves responds The second edition of the DC FanDome event ended and brought great surprises with it. DC Comics fans had highly anticipated movie trailers like Black Adam, The Flash, and The Batman. The latter is the one that has generated the highest expectations, … Read more

Angelina Jolie jokes about being single and talks about how lucky she is as a mother

Angelina Jolie has feelings on the surface. With Mother’s Day very present, the actress of Eternals has talked about how lucky she is as a mother in an interview for E! News Daily Pop. Angelina shares six teenage children with her ex-husband Brad Pitt: Maddox, the oldest is 19, followed by Pax with 17, Zahara, … Read more

this is how Vin Diesel managed to change his body

Instagram: @vindiesel For two decades, the name Vin Diesel is immediately linked to the saga Fast and Furious, of which he is the protagonist and producer. The 53-year-old American actor is unable to detach himself from his character Dominic Toretto, with his muscular physique, his shaved head and his deep voice. Nevertheless, it didn’t always … Read more

Hazel Moder, daughter of Julia Roberts, with the trend footwear

Hazel Moder, the daughter of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder of 16 years old, has debuted on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and has surprised everyone by causing a furor on social networks and with good reason. This is not only because there are few photographs of the adolescent on the internet, … Read more