He lied about the vaccine. The NFL fines Aaron Rodgers and his Packers

He lied about the vaccine The NFL fines Aaron Rodgers

“I’m immunized,” said the MVP of last season at the beginning of the season. Instead he had not been vaccinated, but only underwent a homeopathic treatment. And the controversy rages in the US Finally the NFL has woken up. Out of its hibernation, perhaps due to public protests on the deafening silence of commissioner Roger … Read more

Banchero, first in college to remember: 22 points despite the cramps

Banchero first in college to remember 22 points despite the

The Italian winger, among the top two picks in the next NBA draft, showcases his talent at Madison Square Garden, finishing with a masterful performance in 31 ‘and helping Duke beat Kentucky 79-71 Good the first. Indeed, very good. Paolo Banchero confirms in front of the over 18 thousand of Madison Square Garden in New … Read more

Yankees and White Sox, fairytale challenge in the field of dreams

Yankees and White Sox fairytale challenge in the field of

Tonight in Iowa there is a regular season game in the diamond made famous by the film with Costner “The Man of Dreams” Kevin Costner will also be there, not the deep voice of James Earl Jones, author of a creepy monologue in the wonderful film “The Man of Dreams” – original title, much more … Read more

Robinson, one-eyed home run after suicide attempt

Robinson one eyed home run after suicide attempt

The winger from Sacramento, a minor league team affiliated with the Giants, shot himself in the head in April 2020, overwhelmed by depression. Now he’s back to play Depression. A word. Four syllables that hide a world of pain. An abyss, a hell, from which many, too many, do not return. It is also the … Read more

Bills, Rams, Cowboys: the fall of the gods. Rodgers: a nice silence was never written

Bills Rams Cowboys the fall of the gods Rodgers a

Sunday of sensational upset in the league, still without a real boss. The Packers qb does damage every time he opens his mouth, but without him Green Bay is going nowhere Massimo Oriani @massimooriani November 9 – Milano Exciting Monday Night with Cairo Santos missing an almost impossible field goal from 65 yards allowing Pittsburgh … Read more

Quarterback: Mahomes, Rodgers and Brady on the podium. Watch out for Allen

Quarterback Mahomes Rodgers and Brady on the podium Watch out

Chiefs, Packers and Bucs with the tops in the role, but the Bills can enjoy a potential mvp. Stafford at the Rams price rises. On the bottom Taylor of the Texans Riccardo Pratesi @rprat75 September 8 – Milano Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady. It is the podium of the 2021 quarterback ranking a few hours from the … Read more

Nfl, the season starts: Tampa is from encore, Buffalo from Super Bowl

Nfl the season starts Tampa is from encore Buffalo from

With the advance between the champions and Dallas, the championship of pro ‘opens. Brady’s main opponents in the NFC are Rams and Packers. The Bills are ready for the last step, with Chiefs and Browns in the front row Massimo Oriani @massimooriani September 9 – Milano If a Martian landed on earth today and read … Read more

Green Bay falls in Kansas City, the Cowboys overwhelmed by Denver

Green Bay falls in Kansas City the Cowboys overwhelmed by

Ninth day of surprise results: New Orleans beaten at home by Atlanta, the Giants beat Las Vegas Nfl Sunday NFL with crazy results, which are hard to imagine crazier. Denver overwhelms Dallas in Texas, Jacksonville surprises Buffalo against all logic, New Orleans surrenders in Louisiana to Atlanta and Las Vegas yields to the New York … Read more

Eternal Tom Brady! Tampa Bay wins last breath over Dallas

Eternal Tom Brady Tampa Bay wins last breath over Dallas

Technically he decides the kick of overtaking Succop with 2 “on the clock, but in essence it is the 44-year-old quarterback who gives success to the reigning champions Tom Brady looks eternal. Give the success to the reigning champions of Tampa Bay in the splendid NFL season debut, won by the Bucs 31-29 over Dallas. … Read more

From the former fireman Buscemi to the Mets-Yankees derby: this is how US sport remembers 11 September

From the former fireman Buscemi to the Mets Yankees derby this

There are many ceremonies that will surround the weekend football and baseball matches. On Thursday there was instead the classic ice hockey challenge between firefighters and New York police, which this year had a special meaning Every Saturday in the fall (and late summer) in the US is religiously dedicated to college football. Today, however, … Read more

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