Ufc, King Ngannou! Beat Miocic, he is the new heavyweight champion

Ufc King Ngannou Beat Miocic he is the new heavyweight

Extraordinary performance by the Cameroonian giant, which in addition to power also shows a remarkable technical approach: the reigning champion goes to the mat in the second round. And The Predator’s next challenge is already outlined … Everyone remembers that old commercial of power that is nothing without control, but what it didn’t say is … Read more

Under the snow Green Bay returns to win. Tampa Bay and Arizona, the fall of the big names

Under the snow Green Bay returns to win Tampa Bay

Seattle knocked out at Lambeau Field, Tennessee even surpasses New Orleans. On Monday Night there is San Francisco-Los Angeles Rams Riccardo Pratesi @rprat75 November 15 – Milano Rodgers returns, and Green Bay returns to win, under the snow. Tampa and Arizona collapse in a thunderous way, Tennessee quietly continues to make the pitch talk. These … Read more

Mlb, off to the season: Dodgers and Yankees favorites

Mlb off to the season Dodgers and Yankees favorites

The championship starts tomorrow, returning to the 162 pre Covid games. LA champions the team to beat, New York number 1 in American. Watch out for San Diego, Toronto and Chicago White Sox A return to normality. Almost. While waiting for the ballparks to become fully populated again, probably around August – when the vast … Read more

The 5 sentences on March Madness waiting for the Gonzaga-Baylor final

The 5 sentences on March Madness waiting for the Gonzaga Baylor

The last second success of the Zags on the Cinderella Ucla splendid epilogue to a day that gave the world back the March Madness We have the collegiate final we’ve all been waiting for: Gonzaga against Baylor. The favorites of the eve, the first two teams of the ranking drawn up by the NCAA among … Read more

Bears and Patriots to applause: Niners, Packers and Saints, how many doubts …

Bears and Patriots to applause Niners Packers and Saints how

Chicago with Fields and New England with Jones may have caught the taste of the future. San Francisco, forcing with Lance at 3. Green Bay, discharged by Rodgers, takes a cornerback Massimo Oriani @massimooriani April 30 – Milano Never before has the NFL draft sparked the interest of everyone, media, fans and professionals like this … Read more

Advance with surprise: Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins

Advance with surprise Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins

On Thursday Night of the tenth day the Ravens lose in Miami. Newton returns to the Panthers, Beckham to the Rams By dint of playing with fire, you end up getting burned. The Ravens demonstrate this on Thursday Night which opens the tenth day of the NFL, surprisingly losing 10-22 in Miami. After having straightened … Read more

From Lawrence to Wilson: stars, secrets and behind the scenes of the 2021 Draft

From Lawrence to Wilson stars secrets and behind the scenes

The most anticipated quarterback ends up in Jacksonville, Wilson in the Jets, Lance in San Francisco. Exchanges, blows, surprises and the Rodgers case breaks out Riccardo Pratesi @rprat75 April 30 – Milano In Cleveland it is raining and cold. But the Draft warms the hearts of many Nfl fans. In particular, Jacksonville rejoices who, thanks … Read more

Nhl, off to the playoffs: Colorado favorite. Watch out for Boston, Carolina and Vegas

Nhl off to the playoffs Colorado favorite Watch out for

Avalanche the team to beat, Bruins, Hurricanes and Knights right behind. New format dictated by Covid, with divisional challenges up to the semifinals Massimo Oriani @massimooriani May 15 – Milano Closed (even if not completely …) the strange regular season, made up of 56 games instead of the usual 82 and with the divisions revised … Read more

The NFL says no more to racial differences on compensation

The NFL says no more to racial differences on compensation

Causes for concussion will no longer be based on the formula that black players have a lower level of cognitive function The NFL, North America’s largest professional football league, will stop dealing with concussion causes based on the hitherto established formula that black players have lower levels of cognitive function. “No more differences on race-based … Read more

Messi beats LeBron: almost half a million online articles on the flea in one year

Messi beats LeBron almost half a million online articles on

Golfsupport.com has drawn up the ranking of the 20 sportsmen most written about between July 2020 and June 2021. Leo with 490,632 almost double the NBA superstar (216,268). Neymar was also on the podium, ahead of Ronaldo. Osaka first woman, seventh with 93,637 Always him, always Leo. The tears, the farewell to Barça, the landing … Read more

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