Afghanistan: concerns around “summary executions” of former police officers by the Taliban

Afghanistan concerns around summary executions of former police officers by

The weapon of a Taliban soldier who hung a rose on it on December 4, 2021 in Kabul. Taliban leaders want to acquire international respectability, but an NGO report denounces “summary executions” of former members of the Afghan security forces. PETROS GIANNAKOURIS / AP Based on revelations from human rights organizations, the United States and … Read more

After announcing “initiatives” to defend Ukraine against Russia, Joe Biden is due to meet with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday

After announcing initiatives to defend Ukraine against Russia Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky meet in Washington on September 1, 2021. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden are scheduled to meet by videoconference on Tuesday, the Russian government announced on Saturday (December 4th). The announcement of this interview, which Moscow and Washington … Read more

Sultan Al-Arada, the face of the battle of Marib, the “Verdun” of the Yemen war

Sultan Al Arada the face of the battle of Marib the

A man receives treatment at a hospital in Marib, Yemen on June 21, 2021. He was seriously injured when a ballistic missile and an explosive-laden drone fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen hit a gas station in the district of Rawdha. NARIMAN EL-MOFTY/AP In the face of adversity, the words are meant to be optimistic. … Read more

To revive its economy, Vietnam is trying to remedy a shortage of workers due to the Covid-19 pandemic

To revive its economy Vietnam is trying to remedy a

Workers leaving Ho Chi Minh City on October 7. BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES Strongly slowed down by the Delta variant wave this summer, the Vietnamese locomotive, one of the best performing economies of 2020 (2.9% growth), is looking to pick up speed. One of the new workshops in the world (with its textile factories, household … Read more

In Benin, the army suffers the first terrorist attacks in its history

In Benin the army suffers the first terrorist attacks in

To not miss anything on African news, subscribe to the newsletter of World Africa from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of World Africa. GOOGLE MAPS The signals had been red for months. Thursday, December 2, the terrorist threat looming over … Read more

The rise of the far right, a reflection of heightened tensions in Latin America

The rise of the far right a reflection of heightened

To analyse. “We will have to choose between democracy and communism! ” It is with these words that José Antonio Kast, admirer of dictator Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990), who won the first round of the Chilean presidential election on November 21, called on voters to prefer him, during the second round. , on December 19, to … Read more

“Some of my lectures had to be protected by security guards”: British universities facing gender battle

Some of my lectures had to be protected by security

By Cécile Ducourtieux Posted today at 02:12, updated at 08:07 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationIn the United Kingdom, professors and intellectuals are alarmed at threats to freedom of expression, in particular with regard to questions of sex and gender, sources of deep tension between some feminists and trans activists. Kathleen Stock looks tired. Dressed in … Read more

22.5 degrees in December: new record heat in Western Canada

225 degrees in December new record heat in Western Canada

After sparking global concerns by suffocating this summer under a historic heat dome, a region in western Canada has endured yet another record rise in mercury this week … to 22.5 ° C. This temperature was recorded in Penticton, in central British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada which has suffered repeated extreme weather events … Read more

The American Right Against Women’s Rights

The American Right Against Womens Rights

Editorial of the “World”. A decisive battle for women’s rights began on Wednesday 1is December at the United States Supreme Court. By choosing to take up a law passed by the conservative state of Mississippi restricting the use of abortion, instead of relying on the decisions of intermediary bodies which had found its unconstitutional character, … Read more

Iranian nuclear: “We will do everything to prevent Tehran from being about to acquire a bomb”

Iranian nuclear We will do everything to prevent Tehran from

International negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, in Vienna, Austria, November 29, 2021. EU DELEGATION IN VIENNA / VIA REUTERS Joshua Zarka is deputy director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, in charge of strategic affairs, in particular the Iranian file. While negotiations on Iranian nuclear power resumed, Monday, November 29 in Vienna, he details the … Read more

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